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  1. I see you guys have a pretty organized system of obtaining said nudes. I leave it to you guys lol.
  2. I did check that out. Thanks for the link :D.
  3. That is true. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully you guys can read it better now
  4. What would you like us to call you? Commander,Collin or Bore What is your level (Age)? 18 Where ya from? Florida What games do you currently play? CS:GO, Rocket League What games are you looking forward to playing? HL3 and Portal 3 (if they ever come out ;-;) How did you hear about vVv Gaming? If it was by time travel device, please indicate the serial number. If by wizard, please indicate who. From a friend a while back. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Do you wish you didn't know them? I know OrganicBear (I talk to him on TS) and I have talked to Bagzli before. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Wait, what's "outside of gaming"? I draw, do graphics design, code a little bit, and skate. Do you have problems with toxicity or toxic behavior in game? If so, what have you done to reform this behavior? Would you like us to set you up with a "correctional administrator" (please submit $15 torture device maintenance fee)? I don't ever really because I consider myself a pretty nice guy honestly. When you play games, do you tend to grind games as much as possible, or do you often reflect on your mistakes and actively seek to improve upon them? I play games 24/7 pretty much (I have no life). I tend to grind games but on a rare occasion I go through them slow. Have you ever competed in or attended any online or LAN tournaments? National events? (PAX, LCS, IEM, etc.)? Stripper competitions? I have done some small private hosted lans online and 1 irl at a small convention. What type of organization are you looking to join? What would the ideal environment look like for you? Would it have complementary pudding cups? My idea environment would be people that love gaming in one place having fun and hanging out. I feel this would be a community I would love to be apart of and help out in and improve my skills as a competitive gamer. IQ Test Portion. Please complete the following sequences: E Pluribus Unum, shakeweight, candyland, Snuggie 1, 3, 69, 69, 69, 96 Kevin Bacon, Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Lucille Ball, Shia Lebouf I, Fucked, Your, Mind
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