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  1. Nothing regarding smurfs playing in the draft tourney? That's a bit disappointing. And while I didn't expect a change, I was really hoping for the draft tourney to be moved to Saturday.
  2. That's the point. The whole idea of picking maps is so that one particular team has an advantage. It's like home field advantage in professional sports.
  3. Yeah. In the RLC Pro League each team chooses the maps that are played on. The home team chooses 3 and the away team chooses 2. I don't think it should be done for entire tournaments, or even all of them, but if it is done, should be at least for the semis and/or finals.
  4. So with the announcement of 3 new maps coming to the game, and confirmation from a developer that all 3 of them will be available in private matches, I think the question should now be asked if vVv should start doing tournaments, part of tournaments (say the semis and/or finals), or the finale like they do the RLC Pro League, and have teams pick maps to play on. At some point I definitely think this is how it should be, regardless, though.
  5. I'm not particularly fond of the idea that captains may not be the best players in the tourneys. Part of the reason I and others who I've played with in the vVv tourneys like the draft so much is that because the higher ranked players are the captains it gives everyone that joins a relatively decent chance to win, or at the very least do well. If we do random captains then we'll get situations like what happened with the finale where Pluto/Zane were on the same team and ran the table with relative ease. I don't really see much of a reason why the captains can't be picked the same way they have been. Yeah you can't really go by the pure numbers anymore, but there are more divisions in the new system and I can't imagine there will be a major problem with people being in the same division. And at the cutoff for captains, if there are players in the same division you can do that randomly or go by the leaderboards.
  6. The first thing that comes to mind is keep it the same way; top 8 are captains, but instead of ordering the picks by their points on the leaderboard, in that 8th place has the first pick, order the draft like it normally was, by RP. So the first pick would be the person with the lowest RP in the top 8. I can think of a bunch of other more complex methods but there isn't much reason for those and they're not full-proof for a leaderboard with the amount of tournaments held.
  7. Assuming that season 2 doesn't become 3 draft tournaments a week, and stays what it is now, draft/showdown/shuffle, I think it would be best to move the draft to Saturday and move the start time up by a few hours. It's the most popular event by far, with the last few weeks surpassing 100 participants, around 40~ teams. As it was, the tournament didn't start until 9:30 eastern, and assuming you got even a little far into the tournament you were going to be up for a few hours. If you went all the way you most likely were up by or past midnight. Doing it on Saturday and earlier would make it a bit easier on people and there'd be more people watching the stream, as well.
  8. That's what I assumed was actually going to be how captains were decided tonight, as the thread posted about the finale says "...The highest rated players will be captains...", so when I saw that it was the top 8 on the leaderboards that were the captains, I knew right then that Pluto would pick Zane, they would dominate, and Genocop would be the only team to give any real resistance (and even then still lost to Pluto twice 2-1 and 2-0), while the rest of us were left to fight for third. I'm a bit disappointed that it turned out like that, as the main reason I enjoy participating in the draft tournaments is because it makes it mostly fair for everyone. I enjoyed participating in all of the vVv tournaments the past few months but again, this really disappointed me, especially as I won't be able to join much in season 2 due to my job.
  9. I think the biggest problem I saw out of the Shuffle, and especially the Draft was their start times. Neither of them ever started at 9, or really even too close to 9. The Draft, more so towards the end of season 1 started to see the start time hit anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes afterwards. I think moving the check in time up earlier and having the draft take place before the start time would be better. Adding to that, the bracket was often setup rather late IMO for the Draft. The team captains for that are set the moment check ins are done, so the bracket could've been made the moment the captains were confirmed, instead most of the time it wasn't made or given to the players until after the draft was completed. I really loved the addition in the last couple of weeks to make it double elimination again even with a lot of teams, but having it best of 1. It was rather disappointing to wait a good amount of time to get your team and everything and then be out after just 2 games played, prior to that change. My team talked to Bagzli about this last night, and he was telling us his plans for it in season 2, but the points for the solo leaderboards this season were really susceptible to mistakes. I myself had to get something corrected, as well as a friend who for a time had himself listed on the leaderboards 3 times for a period. A teammate last night and another friend both were missing a lot of points due to an incorrect amount of wins being listed, but due to no records being kept of who was on teams they're just out of luck, both of which could've possibly made the top 24 had it been right. Also to reiterate what the above posters said, smurfs are definitely an issue. They didn't show up too much until the last few weeks, but they showed up a lot. I had a friend who was on a team in the draft that was composed of a 1200~ rank captain, 1500~ rank smurf, and himself. They didn't win, and basically completely blamed the losses on my friend, and he didn't have much of a good time that night. All in all I loved participating in the tournaments I did join in. I never did win one, with my best finish coming last night, but as someone who's not very good as a player, I love the vVv tournaments simply because it gives a player like me the chance to do well.

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