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  1. One of my friends likes to power farm with Diana until level 6 and then lane gank bot lane. I've watched her do this idk how many times and it works every time seeing as bot gives you the greatest chance of success with there being (most likely) two forms of CC assisting. This is at low-mid Plat and it works near 100% of the time. As for the build it's just as everyone has been saying in prior posts. Just remember as soon as you throw out your Q you can immediately R instead of waiting for Q to land and then ulting. More burst quicker giving the enemy less to time to potentially flash out.
  2. Considering how little I've actually played this game I've gone from Bronze II to Plat I and am about to make my last push to Diamond in my first season of this game. For someone who was RPG only I'll be curious if I can hit Master next season when i actually sit down and learn the finer details. Never had the goal to get Diamond but it was far easier than I thought especially as a Support main.

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