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  1. Much love to everyone that follows my twitch ???

  2. Get out of here with that "April fools" bs

  3. RT @_Shawncameron: Only A Few Will Get This ???? https://t.co/y8B7wWvCln

  4. Why do some of these females have more facial hair than me ??

  5. RT @RHatcher_: Every girl has the same opinion on guys. It gets old

  6. RT @ThirtySecFights: Thought he had him ? https://t.co/mcqkTi8P9A

  7. RT @300DIABLO: Deadass, might make my own discount http://t.co/ARjp5e7Isn

  8. @KingFrazerOG its cool homie

  9. RT @RakwonOGOD: Once she hit you with that "i need my space" excuse its a wrap man just pack your bags , she found a new nigga to cheat on …

  10. RT @iH8TvvitterHoes: I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy http://t.co/VhG5nMRYdz

  11. Taking a bus from Atlanta will never be the move ??

  12. Waffle house over iHop any day

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