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  1. What is your competitive gaming background? I played competitively since back in Call of Duty 4 days. Off and on in the esports community with either CoD or Gears. What is the expected release date for this title? Released in May ​What makes this title special or different from its competitor? Splatoon throws the perfect fun twist on a stale FPS genre with turf domination style instead of just shoot em up game modes. ​What does this game remind you of? Honestly its a twist of the FPS genre as a whole. What is the community site for this game? http://splatoon.nintendo.com/ Main website https://www.reddit.com/r/splatoon/ Community Page what are the average stream viewers on TwitchTV? 30-500 depending on User Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode? Technically no but they do have private battles available. Describe the community for this game in three words. Fun, Excitable, Loveable Does this game have any support from a major, minor, local, or online tournaments? Yup here is a article about Japans start on it: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/splatoon-origins-and-esports-potential-of-nintendo/1100-6426789/

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