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  1. Nice application. Welcome and goodluck bro!
  2. Dropping my newest montage for gears of war! Sniper montage. Subscribe to my youtube channel and let me know what you all think! Thanks :). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbxXjXcI5OsBnx932md99g
  3. lookingforagearsteam


    Hey man, make sure you fill out the actual xbox application to apply. You can find out how to apply in the xbox division pinned forum. Goodluck!
  4. Hey man! Just dropping by to say hi and welcome and best of luck on your application bud!
  5. oh okay nice. Maybe we can play halo 5 together when it comes out maybe possibly start a team? My GT is AcctV
  6. Hey man! Just dropping by as an applicant for xbox division myself saying welcome or welcome back whichever, but goodluck on your application bud
  7. Id just like to say welcome and goodluck on your app bro
  8. Hey welcome to vVv and goodluck on your app bud
  9. i would simply say that its a gaming organization that has been around for sometime now that im in/or applying for (wherever i stand at the time being) but its not just organization it feels more like family that they should go visit and sign up!
  10. heynous thanks for that bud appreciate that and any kind of feedback. As we all known it is my dream to rep vVv (my favorite gaming organization). Ive been trying my best so far to spread vVv's name around but i can only do so much and tell so much since i am not officially apart of vVv and since i dont have the official name i cant have people ask me first about what is the v's for or what does vVv mean but i do promise you i do my best trying to spread the name with people i play xbox with. Im trying to do my best making montage supporting vVv i spend alot of time editing and trying to make them look good so people can say "wow does he play for anyone? A team? Where is this kid from? Im hoping i get to that point when im an official member. Members have reached out to me to play gears already and myself has reached out to members to play xbox. I also have bought merch to rep for whwn i go out so people can ask me about vVv when they see i wear it, i want them to ask me questions about it not just me spreading the name i want people to be curious and ask me about vVv that is one of my goals. Thats where my passion comes into play i have the biggest passion to support vVv but as an aplicant i can only do so much. I feel i am doing 100% as an applicant but i can do 110% as a full member i feel. I hope sometime soon i get an opportunity for an interview because if when/i do im coming hard and giving it my all for vVv!
  11. oh man oh man!!! Fingers crossed!!!! :'D

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