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  1. LargeD

    LargeD Application

    I've seen Pherzghul on Diablo but I didn't know we had a crew running around. I'll follow up and join the club.
  2. I'm just like the candy man. Just say my name three times into the bathroom mirror with the lights off and the door closed and I'll be right there with you.
  3. Hair was green/yellow/blue, just for the gig though baby. Show off my body, get that cash and get out.
  4. This guy builds a hell of a Heathstone arena deck too. Too much power for one man to handle...
  5. LargeD

    LargeD Application

    Hey SugarBear. Everything HotS is going alright. Got through rank placements and racing Bardo to the top. Been playing a bit of Diablo but always try to make time for our scheduled HotS events; will always jump out of whatever I'm doing if I get a message to play too! Things have changed a little bit since when I first applied but there are a lot of new and good people on the team that are trying to make things happen so it will be a change for the better in my opinion. I thought I had my notifications set to email me when there are new posts but apparently I need to double check...
  6. LargeD

    LargeD Application

    If I recall correctly I think Unacceptable said something really mean or something.... He probably didn't mean to word it the way he did but he's still a jerk!
  7. LargeD

    Death's HOTS Application

    Hey man, awesome picture. I've watched a couple videos of the downhill skateboarding and it looks nuts.
  8. LargeD

    LargeD Application

    Haha yea man. I think I had it like three times in a row last night. I don't think a lot of people understand it yet because when the shrines spawn they just click it instinctively and spawn all the minions and get overrun. I personally like the fact they incorporate the different Diablo elite pack abilities (frozen orb, arcane, etc.) into the map; nice touch.
  9. Bnet Name: LargeD#1848 Hero League Rank: 12 Preferred Roles (in order of preference): Tank/Support Preferred Heros (in order of preference): Johana, Anub, Muradin/Uther, Malf, not big on Rehgar Times Available (PST/EST): 7-11pm EST
  10. In the end.... aren't we all accountable?
  11. LargeD

    LargeD Application

    Aw shoot, did I miss them yesterday? If that is the schedule then I'll be sure to block it off for next week.
  12. Damn didn't notice the PST time notation hah. Might need to modify my vote for 6pm PST so 9pm EST. If we did decide on 7pm PST (10pm EST) I would only be able to play for an hour or so.
  13. Any skill shot lockdown into stun wombo combo. 5 man Gazlowe grav bomb into Zagara maw into Diablo apocalypse followed by Valla rampage into Kael pyro or Jaina ult.

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