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    Freshbr3w reacted to Soap in Freshbr3w resignation   
    I appreciate and respect you stepping up and taking responsibility in everything you do. I'll miss your enthusiasm when it comes to your casting. I hope I assisted you during your time here and your V's were rightfully earned.  Never be a stranger here and if you are ever online I'll make sure to keep in contact.  Come back again if you ever have some time   I'll see you on Xbox!
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    Freshbr3w reacted to vVv Bagzli in Rocket League Community Game Nights!   
    Hey everyone,
    I am proud to give you Rocket League Community Game Nights!
    What you need to know:
    Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 PM EST (Starting August 25th) Install Teamspeak 3 (Click here to learn how to setup TeamSpeak) Everyone is welcome so bring your friends and help us expand and enhance our fun! Show up 10 minutes prior to event starting so we can get a head count and organize teams. Game modes will depend on the number of people that show up. Yo do not need to be a vVv Member to get involved, whether you are participating in the event or helping organize it! If you are interested in helping us do more with the division (as in organize events or help the division grow), please send me a private message and I will arrange a meeting with everyone involved to discuss your ideas and strategies and also figure out what we can do to help you succeed.  We are always seeking talented individuals who want to help us foster an engaging and competitive environment within the gaming divisions that we support! 
    Furthermore if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to me via private message as well and I will do my best to help you out.
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from Voison in [Overwatch] So what is Overwatch?   
    this game looks like the lore on it is really good. the gameplay also looks very impressive! could possibly get this game 
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from ShmemSolid in [Overwatch] So what is Overwatch?   
    this game looks like the lore on it is really good. the gameplay also looks very impressive! could possibly get this game 
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Voison in [Overwatch] So what is Overwatch?   
    Overwatch™ is a team-based shooter where heroes do battle in a world of conflict. Its currently in development by Blizzard Entertainment.


    Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

    Overwatch Gameplay Trailer

    Welcome to Overwatch™   Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Oddities.   In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world:   OVERWATCH.   It ended the crisis and helped to maintain peace in the decades that followed, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery. But after many years, Overwatch's influence waned, and it was eventually disbanded.   Overwatch is gone… but the world still needs heroes.
    Choose A Hero
      Overwatch features a wide array of unique heroes, ranging from a time-jumping adventurer, to an armored, rocket-hammer-wielding warrior, to a transcendent robot monk. Every hero plays differently, and mastering their abilities is the key to unlocking their potential. No two heroes are the same.

    Click on the heroes to see their team page.
    More heroes will be added overtime.

    Play Your Role

    Whether you're engaging in combat on the front line, providing defensive cover with your energy shield, or supporting your allies by amplifying their damage, every hero's abilities are designed to be effective as part of a team. Learning to utilize your abilities in concert with your teammates' is the key to victory.

    Team-Based Objectives

    Teams of heroes do battle across the planet. From protecting the secrets of the mysterious Temple of Anubis, to safely escorting an EMP device through King's Row, the world is your battlefield.
    PAYLOAD The attacking team's objective is to move the payload to a delivery point, while the defenders must halt the attackers' progress until time runs out.
    POINT CAPTURE Two teams battle over control of the map, one team on offense, the other on defense. The attackers' goal is to capture critical objectives, while the defenders must maintain control over them until time runs out.

    I need more info!! 
    Okay okay okay... Here. This is a google document (Credit to: bvolack323 on Overwatch Reddit) with A LOT of info.
    From hero abilities, hero health, damage with each hero, etc. Tons of info for theorycrafting.
    Google Doc here. (View only - Public)    


    Sounds like fun! Oh, you wanna play it? Well sign up for the beta and you might just be able to actually play it before others!

    Sign up for beta here

    Overwatch Frequently Asked Questions
      Q: What are the team sizes?   A: There are six players per team.
      Q: When does the Beta start?   A: Fall (September 23rd-December 21st) of 2015
      Q: How do I sign-up for the Beta?   A: You can sign-up here.
      Q: What are my chances of getting into beta?   A: Blizzard has not released information about how beta invites will be sent out.
      Q: What is the payment model?   A: Blizzard has yet to announce payment model plans.
      Q: Who are the unannounced characters in this image?   A: We do not know.
      Q: What's Blizzard current plan regarding the in-game FoV (Field of View)?   A: The developers have the FOV currently fixed at 60 vertical, 92 horizontal (16:9). Update July 7th, 2015: The FOV will be increased. Exact numbers unknown.
      Q: What are the character limits for each team?   A: There are none. Anyone can pick any hero at any time during the match.
      Q: How often will Blizzard add new characters to the game?   A: We are not sure, however we know that they do have plans to continue adding characters.
      Q: Does the game have jumping and crouching?   A: Yes, spacebar and CTRL respectively.
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    Freshbr3w reacted to vVv LordJerith in Taylor Hiatts application   
    Application accepted! Welcome to vVv Gaming!
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    Freshbr3w reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Taylor Hiatts application   
    I've finished my interview with Freshbr3w and recommend him for a final interview with LordJerith.
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from Eternal in That combo though   
    hey man we are looking to make a Top 5 plays stream. do you mind if i get the film for this so that we can add it to our library?
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from Bzrk in vVv Applicant   
    casted this guy so many times. he works hard, plays hard, is competitive but doesn't have a huge head. he's communicative and great and doesn't flake at all
    get involved in the ADL my man, post in the forums as much as you can. hopefully you get involved and vVv can work with you and possibly your team to go play!
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Bzrk in vVv Applicant   
    Name: Josh Kritz Age (minimum 16): 16 Location: California XBL Gamertag Scare Bzrk Do you own an XBOX 1? Yes Skype username: uBzrk. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? Known about vVv for awhile and yes i was referred to the site! Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? @FreshBr3w_Live He casted my past show matches What do you hope to get out of being a member of vVv Gaming? Online Funding until prove we prove to you guys we can preform well on LAN! What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Listening to music and playing baseball! Do you tend to spend most of your time playing in public matches, or do you tend to spend your time playing scrims when you can find them? Spend most of my time getting scrims and playing in tournaments! Do you watch replays and/or pro player streams? How often? I watch basically any pro player/LAN event i can when they are being streamed! Who is your favorite competitive Call of Duty player? Why? Clayster! I love how aggressive he is with his BAL and how nice he is on the sticks. What is your favorite competitive Call of Duty team? Why? FaZe! I've been watching FaZe for around 5 years now so they are my day 1! What is your favorite Call of Duty game? Why? Black Ops 2! it was just more basic and didn't have any ex suits and specially abilitys. What was the moment or play you are most proud of while playing CoD? What moment or play are you most embarrassed about? In AW in a 250 series HP/SnD i got a triple collat with a sniper! Most embarrassing moment is getting spawn naded across map in a 1v1. When you play CoD, do you primarily play to win and improve, or do you primarily play to have fun and don't care much about learning or winning? i play to win and improve on my HP SnD and uplink setups! What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? I have MLG 250/1k series experience. Have you attended any major tournaments (MLG, UMG, CoD Champs)? UMG Cali with IRL friends and we didn't do to good we placed top 48 but that was my first LAN and i also just started playing Comp. 2 weeks before UMG Cali How often do you participate in online tournaments (UMG Online, GB)? Pretty often as much as i can! What type of organization are you looking to join? What would the ideal environment look like for you? Im looking to join an organization me and My team can show we came to play and represent the org. and to show why we play for the org. and to show why we love to play CoD. The ideal environment would be like a family type of organization because my team will show we can get high placing at LAN events and prove people wrong of us!
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    Freshbr3w reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Taylor Hiatts application   
    Hey Taylor/Freshbr3w, after reviewing your twitter, forum activity, and other contributions, I've decided to move forward with your next interview. When will you be available next week (Monday and beyond) to sit down and chat?
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Soap in Taylor Hiatts application   
    Some things I noticed while watching the stream (you got better over time):
    - You kept calling out the wrong team for Search.  You noticed the mistake and fixed it.  The only thing I would recommend is to just go through the error and not make notice of it.
    That's honestly all I can think of at this moment because I'd would like to see you alongside someone since I think that would help.   I would speak to JoshCast's like Legacy said!  He might be a good person to help you
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Soap in Taylor Hiatts application   
    I like what you did with your ADL video!  I couldn't hear sound since I'm at work so when I'll watch some of if this morning and give some general feedback!
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from Soap in Rxsk Application   
    Rysk stepped in big time to host tonight's ADL. it was a big help and no one complained. 
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Invis in Invis App to Join vVv   
    keep it up bud! your commentary was pretty good.
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Legacyyy in CrKs Legacyyy's application for readmission   
    Yup! if I remember right, you're the one who likes to cast? Get ahold of JoshCasts on twitter... hes a friend of mine and my biz partner and he casts small LANs and online stuffs... he may be able to help you out a little!
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from Legacyyy in CrKs Legacyyy's application for readmission   
    good game tonight in the ADL. and thanks for attending the meeting. all input was amazing!
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Invis in Invis App to Join vVv   
    alright freshbr3w ill add you today after work.Watched your twitch last night for the ADL.
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    Freshbr3w reacted to vVv B1zkit in vVv Gaming Vision and Direction for 2015-2016   
    Going into year 3-4 I see nothing but growth from here. Excited for the execution on the communities part to help make this happen.
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    Freshbr3w reacted to B Easy in Taylor Hiatts application   
    Just a reminder that we will be having two CoD Division Meetings this week.  Monday night after the ADL will be the first one, with the other being Friday night at 9 pm EST.  FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.  We are encouraging all of our members and applicants to attend, as we have a lot to discuss.
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Papabear in vVv Gaming Vision and Direction for 2015-2016   
    ​              EXPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!!

    have the highest rated organized play events as rated by competitive gamers have the most attended organized play events highest rated is more important than most attended STRATEGY
    create and run organized play events for competitive gamers sponsor and develop amateur teams to participate in and promote organized play events partner and deliver value to sponsors that create products and services for competitive gamers create and evolve an identity that competitive gamers want create and manage a clear path for competitive gamers who want our identity create and manage an ecosystem that develops competitive gamers and future gaming professionals EXECUTION AND TACTICS
    So far from the previous ADL to the current ADL's numbers have dropped drastically. The reason for this, which was brought up after contacting previous attendees, was the lack of satisfaction they got in the end game. They were playing for nothing other than to play custom e sport rule gametypes and knowing their stats. (I mean if they want I can whip up an "I'm a Winner Certificate"  sign it, then email the ready to print image so they can frame it) According to the attendees IF we were to incorporate ourselves into the competitive scene then we will need to bring something to the table that helps them along the way. Now we already provide the lobby with dedicated party host, competitive minded players, personal player stats and a very accessible group chat that anyone can join and communicate with one another via ADL skype chat.
    So what more can we possibly provide?   

    For starters, I would look into providing "prizes" for the overall top players in ADL. What sort of prizes? How about Gamebattles or UMG "credits" to be used for those pro points series MLG has or those money tourneys those young hip kids like playing in. If word is out that vVv is giving credits out they will come (haha get it......if you build it, they will come.....ha...). Also what are the possibilities of looking into working with our current sponsors for free "swag" to give out at the end of the season to the top overall performers (by swag I mean stickers, a twitter handle retweet from vVv, a vVv bracelet, ya know something inexpensive) I can see how it may seem like something we can do without but trust me competitive players will swarm to win free items. This actually will benefit not only vVv but we can promote our partners!  act now and members can recruit the talent coming to these ADL's for just one super low payment of $19.99 + sh/ha.
    I am more than willing to purchase products in the mean time until we have enough traffic coming in. I mean come on $10- $30 a month is nothing to me 

    (that's floyd mayweather btw he gots money)
    ps. make this video official I will not stop pushing for this

    ******   I need to get back to work so i'll finish/edit my post with more later
    kk thnx
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    Freshbr3w reacted to Yui in How far can they go?   
    They did it!  Fnatic went 18-0!  Now the real question is how far can they go with out losing a game?  24-0 the dream with a playoff sweep?  I hope so  What do you all think?
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    Freshbr3w got a reaction from B Easy in Taylor Hiatts application   
    points taken. will work on being more involved in a lot more places.
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    Freshbr3w reacted to B Easy in Taylor Hiatts application   
    On top of our recommendation for your next interview, I want to add these two points.
    You need to get more involved with the rest of the community.  We asked you about applicants, and you actually mentioned some of the applicants that aren't very active currently.  What I take from that is that you may not be active enough to notice who else is around on a regular basis. I understand that your focus is on streaming and commentating, and not competitive play.  So you should find some other members and applicants that like to play stuff casually from time to time and just get involved with them, which will in turn help you with being more active within the community.

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