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    CoD, smash 64, smah melee, smash 4, halo, assasins creed, street fighters, League of Ledgends
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    announcer and employee of Versus Gameplay Arcade. looking to get into competitive play and more commentary jobs
  1. sad day my friends. hope to see you all in games when i can play!

    1. vVv Vall

      vVv Vall

      to foget about vall!

  2. It is with much distate and frustration that i write this letter of resignation after just 3 short weeks of having this title, but as the preasures of college, job, and family have come on in the last week, i have found little to no time to devote to gaming as i believed i would. be able to. With this i feel that i can not fulfill the things that I outlined in my application and interview, thefore making my presence here in vain. Due to my long hours for various ensembles, I can no longer stream the ADL, a pinicle role in my vVv acceptance. Because of this it with great sorrow that I must resign till a later date when i can reapply and carry out the dreams that I have as a thriving member of the vVv community. I promise you will see this name again. With Much Regret, Freshbr3w
  3. love the research. I have been wondering for a while if the cars really did matter. Good to know i wasn't the crazy one hahah. research and testing seems very solid. love the work.
  4. do i smell division coming on.....?? ;)
  5. ssssoooooooo....when does the vVv Rocket league division come out ))))
  6. hey man I'm pleased to see people are happy to see you back! i would love to get to know you a little better so add me on XB (freshbr3w) and lets play some time!
  7. this game looks like the lore on it is really good. the gameplay also looks very impressive! could possibly get this game
  8. whats up! Got dem V's! hahah to exciting!

  9. hey manix! Glad to hear that there are good rumors going around about vVv! i hope you have found your way around the site by now! also i hope you can make the Call of Duty Amature Draft League on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30CST. If you want to be competitive here that is your outlet for sure! add me on XB1 at the GT bellow and make sure to follow me on twitter and twitch for all the call of duty updates for vVv!
  10. super active on the fourms and in the ADL. good to see man. hope your app goes well and keep up the chat! its helpful!
  11. Final Interview set for thursday the 6th at 3pm CST
  12. CoD ADL tonight at 7:30CST! Dont miss it! twitch.tv/freshbr3w_live

  13. 10 EST yes. i don't have to play in the second round and i don't cast it because its to much to solo cast. so yes
  14. yeah man we are looking for any and all clips of great plays! anything you get or you see someone get would be awesome!

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