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  1. Well played everyone. We should do another one for the summer split! This time, i'll win haha.
  2. What queue times are you getting? 'Cause when I tried to queue dominion about a week ago, I was getting ~25min estimated queue times.
  3. Since questions seem to have subsided for now, I figured I would let you all know whats been up with me lately. I'd say the game i'm most addicted to right now is Osu! In the past 60ish days, i've been climbing the ladder like a fireman. I started off ranked around 1.1mill and have climbed to about 225k now. I'm really happy with this growth and hope to keep climbing up into the top 100k and, hopefully, win a few tournaments here and there.
  4. I dont think anyone expected OG to be doing as badly as they are. I'm glad I jumped ship early and got Trick for a jungler haha.
  5. I've seen quite a few AFK's too, but at least they get taken out. I love the new champ select but one thing I noticed is the amount of people getting a role and saying "Will you switch? I dont want this role?" I always laugh but i've had a few people lock in adc's when they got drafted jng or mid or something. Has this happened to anyone else or am I just getting shitty luck? I agree. I've had people complain that champ select "takes too long." I usually laugh and tell them "yeah but it makes you work more as a team and looks fucking AWESOME."
  6. I personally love it. Anyone else?
  7. Hey, at least we have hextech crafting coming soon eh? (sarcasm) =P
  8. Atrax

    Cr0nuss's Application

    Welcome! I have a very important question. . . Are Jell-o cups also a deal breaker?
  9. Atrax

    Cherp's vVv Application

    orly? It's uh.... HailHooters =P And you dont have to. I'll get some money soon i'm sure.
  10. Atrax

    Cherp's vVv Application

    Haha it looks fun but I dont have any money for it
  11. Atrax

    Cherp's vVv Application

    Never had that problem with league =P

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