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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Stressed_oreos application   
    Great to see you around and noticing vVv. I know your not 16 yet and don't have an XB1 yet, but stick around and get to know everybody. I would love to see you join vVv someday, so when you turn 16 and have an XB1, make sure you come back and resubmit your application. Again, feel free to stick around and get to know everybody on a more personal level and still enjoy what vVv has to offer you.
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    Boever got a reaction from BoDYRoTx in BoDYRoTx's vVv Application   
    I like this guy, I have played with him and had great talks with him also hes a genuine guy and is not afraid to step up and help you out. For that thank you my friend
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    Boever reacted to vVv OrganicBear in LAAS VEGAS OR BUST   
    vVv is basically the Vegas of the Internet so BOOM ROASTED
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Rxsk Application   
    It does mean a lot coming from you guys, but I don't think i deserve the V's yet. After that whole situation it sets me back in my personal opinion in my process. Having that meltdown to defend a friend and acting as unprofessional as I did I personally do not want to bring that into the organization and bringing that vibe immediately until I can constantly show the professionalism that this organization does deserve.

    And again, that is all my personal opinion
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Rxsk Application   
    Don't worry about it Devan. I just got done talking with B Easy and Heynous and it literally was a large scale misunderstanding. I wad some bad info from others that had just gotten cleared up with the chat we just had. I accepted the flaws that I had made and I know what I am going to fix as of this moment. But all in all we have cleared everything up about what happened the other night, and it is now put in the past.
              I know im your boo boo, just try not to announce it in public, i don't want Bo getting jealous and have to start outplaying you in COD from now on.
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    Boever reacted to Heynous in Rxsk Application   
    I am glad we went to a chat and cleared the air instead of going back and forth on here. 
    As I stated in the chat, I was disappointed in the initial response you gave. I do understand that you were trying to defend a friend. But, it showed the same signs of the "melt down" you had Monday night. However, after talking it out you began to react in the way I hoped for in the first place. 
    Once again we are thankful for you stepping up and helping in the ways you have, and as long as you understand where we are coming from, and this is truly behind us I see no problems for the future. You are a great guy, a very active applicant, and someone I would like to have around. 
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Rxsk Application   
    Not originally, the initial part of the entire argument was started by smalls with that comment being directed towards Bo. Gingee then followed up supporting the statement. That is when I popped in to defend Bo.
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Rxsk Application   
    Well here is the thing b easy, i know i did slightly overreact to the situation. Boever is my friend and I will not just sit back and let somebody just run his mouth and act like he is a hot shot, and basically was saying Bo is bad because he was wanting to pad his stats. I understand yes it may have been a joke but he has been warned multiple times and continues to just get a simple warning. That was my main issue, I really don't care if he had an unfair advantage on Bizkit's host. But as far as to pushing the joke furth further than what it should have been pushed to and to continue to trash talk was the main issue with me overreacting. Again though, he gets a simple warning which leads to me to concern of when are the admins for the COD ADL going to inflict a penalty. I am not saying the admins are not doing anything at all by any means, I am just saying when are they going to take action and remove the rotten apple out of the bunch that is ruining it for multiple people that isn't just Bo and myself? The admins are taking his side and just constantly giving out warnings and such but he remains there to ruin the experience and this has been occurring over the past couple of weeks rather than just recently.

    That is just what I am thinking and wondering at this point, because I really understand what you were talking about in the post above. I do put a lot of time and effort into making this enjoyable, but when there is a bad apple I just feel that since that bad apple has stayed that it is rubbing off on everybody else making their experience miserable, I feel like what I want to see the ADL rise to is just thrown out the window just to make that one individual happy.
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    Boever reacted to B Easy in Rxsk Application   
    I'm not sure if I've posted here yet...so here comes my thoughts.  Prepare yourself.
    I was happy to see you step up, as an applicant, and offer to be a host for the ADL.  I know you got to play a lot early on, and hosting may eat in to your play time, but it's nice to see someone wanting to put the big picture over their own gains. Heynous kind of hit on it with his post earlier, but you do tend to talk over people and interrupt from time to time.  I only really noticed it in mumble early on in the ADL season, haven't noticed it as much lately...but that leads me to my next point. Last night we had a bit of a mess on our second series in the ADL.  Obviously nobody can blame you for your internet sketching out, or whatever was happening, but there were a few things that happened afterwards that I think should be addressed.  The first being the backlash that we were given as admins when we were trying to make a decision and move things along.  It was clear that your internet was struggling, and switching hosts would have simply been a waste of time, so as admins me and Heynous said we didn't need to switch hosts...that either you should reset your internet, or we should get a sub.  We were given backlash by both you and Boever, because you thought we just wanted the advantage of Smalls playing on Bizkit's host.  When admins make decisions, we need people to understand that we have a job to do, and we can't have people stepping on our feet in the process. As admins, we are never going to make decisions to get a win in an ADL...I don't care that much about my stats, I care more about having a smooth experience for everyone involved.  Arguing over hosts, and not just finding a solution and moving forward created a horrible experience for 8 people last night.  So I just want you to remember that I will never make decisions in the ADL to benefit myself, I'm there to have fun when I actually get a chance to play, and to create a good experience for everyone else. Lastly, we need to remember as applicants and members, that we represent vVv.  Other people that attend our ADL are all prospects that ultimately we would like to drive to our events, so we need to act in a way that makes them want to be around us.  This means that in our Skype ADL chat, applicants and members need to take great care in what we say and how we act, because we represent not only ourselves but an entire organization that is vVv.  So always keep that in mind when choosing to respond to comments and people outside of vVv that are here for the ADL. Aside from that, I think you're putting in a lot of time and effort around here and I like it, and I appreciate it.  Every little bit helps.  Good luck with your application.
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    Boever got a reaction from King Gaming in vVv King Gaming Application   
    Just a FYI my gamertag will be changed later today to vVv Boever
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    Boever got a reaction from King Gaming in vVv King Gaming Application   
    nice application, but could you add more colour into it that would be appricaited as its better to read, also what are you gone do so your sure you did you're best to become a pro call of duty player and aside from that what would you like to achieve in the future?
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    Boever reacted to vVv Vall in Boever CoD application   
    ayyyyyye congrats
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Boever CoD application   
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    Boever reacted to Rowdy in Boever CoD application   
    Congrats Bo!!
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    Boever reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Boever CoD application   
    I have completed Boever's interview and recommend him for a final interview with LordJerith.
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    Boever reacted to Rowdy in Boever CoD application   
    its the chocolates.....
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Rxsk Application   
    Yeah Bizkit it is no problem at all, I just want others to enjoy it for what it is actually worth. I have played in every ADL up to this point so it really is no problem at all giving up a spot for more people to play with the increasing number or people that are wanting to participate each week. 
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Boever CoD application   
    You are going to do fine Bo, just make sure you don't start screaming in your alien language and you should be perfectly fine in the interview. Even then Sugarbear will probably be scared of your dominance and put you in the V's just out of pure fear lol.
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    Boever reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Boever CoD application   
    Sweet! See you then. Be prepared for at least 10 minutes of waterboarding
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    Boever reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Boever CoD application   
    Let's do Saturady at 7 PM EST then. (Eastern US time, not EU time right?)
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    Boever reacted to Rowdy in Boever CoD application   
    Congrats bubba! I know you will do awesome! Just remember to stay calm and make sure you have all your nudes ready to be sent haha
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    Boever reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Boever CoD application   
    Why don't you suggest a few days/times? I can't get to mumble til the evenings so perhaps Saturday sometime?
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    Boever reacted to ByRxsk in Boever CoD application   
    Bo moving onto the interview stage. HYPE HYPE
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    Boever reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Boever CoD application   
    I will keep my wine separate from the water thanks! But I do feel you are ready for your interview, so go ahead and let me know when you are available to be interrogated!
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    Boever got a reaction from Visi0n in vVv Applicant   
    I have played with you a few times not that much as you were busy getting maried etc, but your a good guy and a good player also you won't hesatite to help people ingame.
    My feedback: the only thing I can say is try to be more active on the forums, but you were busy but when you're not busy anymore try to pick that a bit up
    other wise than that you would be a good vVv member in my eyes.

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