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  1. Hey guys, I think most of you saw this coming but I'm here with my resignation. I would thank everyone I talked with on mumble played with on cod and such I had a blast Its kinda a shame Its been only a few months, I thought after I setted a few things straight had my brothers wedding done I would become more active again and it would be like it was in the beginning when I applied. Now things have just drastically changed wich leads me to having little to no time to play, and to be honest with all of you there have been days I didn't had the will to play because I was tired and could only play for like a hour. And its for the best I resign or got chopped as I was to be bluntly honest with all of you just a waste of space in the organisation, I didn't do anything in the past month and I'm aware of that. And I'm sorry I should have made this thread earlier in all honesty. Also so you guys know where I'm at the people I talked with mostly know I had a rookie gaming setup all of that is gone and the room has been changed to recieve friends of our/or my stephdaughter that come to sleep and. As for the monitors xbox one xbox 360 astro headset and such I'm not sure what I'm going the do with it, I'm in all honesty thinking of just selling it, like I said my life changed drastically some in a good way and somethings in a bad way, good way is that I talked with my dad and got a full contract now with a promotion wich leads to more work more responbillity. Another good thing is my wife and I bought our ground where we building our own house even tho we can't live in it for atleast year till its fully done but w/e I'm still happy. And again in all honesty at this point I don't have the drive anymore to play also, and maybe because I realized that it wasn't for me and I don't have the skill or what it takes to grow and become a pro, just to be honest realiity striked and I come back with both feet in the ground. But like I said I want to thank all of you, and I'll be lurking around and such and if i'm allowed I'll definantly hop in mumble once and a while when I have time I guess this is it. Sincerely Boever
  2. Understandable man hope you get well soon. At that time i'll probably be back in action
  3. Boever

    Rxsk Application

    Once i have more freetime I certainly hit you up to play, but at this point I haven't been active to much myself because of real life issue's and stuff.
  4. I like this guy, I have played with him and had great talks with him also hes a genuine guy and is not afraid to step up and help you out. For that thank you my friend
  5. Hey guys its Boever to let you guys know that you'll see a decrease in my activity as i'm sorting some Irl stuff out etc and also my dad called me to the factory to be there for a week or two depends how much work we get done, there will be days i wont be online as i wont have time for it but i'll try my best to come online this week, anyway just wanted to give you guys a heads up so you guys don't think i died or something lol Edit: My brothers wedding is coming soon in 15 days after that i'll be active again so i'll be back fully active again around the 22th of august Sincerely Boever
  6. Boever

    Rxsk Application

    hes an amazing player and an amazing friend just like devan and the heynous and b easy is i'm glad we can put the situation that happend beyond us because I do agree that I also overeact but didn't have a chance yet to apolgies to you guys, anyway this guy should be in vVv he would be a good asset to the team he Always tries to help out and if you tell him one of his flaws just like me he works on it. Hes not afraid to express his opinions about things but than again just like me he can overreact but i think everyone does that anyway I would like to see you with you're V's my friend.
  7. Just a FYI my gamertag will be changed later today to vVv Boever
  8. the love thats in the air.

  9. nice application, but could you add more colour into it that would be appricaited as its better to read, also what are you gone do so your sure you did you're best to become a pro call of duty player and aside from that what would you like to achieve in the future?
  10. Boever

    Boever CoD application

    I'm glad I passed my pre interview and thanks again sugarbear for your time.
  11. Nerves for the pre interview today with sugarbear :s

  12. Boever

    Boever CoD application

    we all know that secretly sugerbear has a fear for belguim people but shhh
  13. Boever

    Boever CoD application

    But I'm scared of water! , anyway i'm kinda nerves lol
  14. Boever

    Boever CoD application

    yes thats oke 7 eastern will be 1 at night for me so thats fine for me
  15. Boever

    Boever CoD application

    Friday or saterday is fine for me, Friday times would be 7.30 eastern as the adl start 1.30 hour laters and saterday 7 8 or 9 eastern is fine for me.

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