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    vVv DulceArma reacted to vVv Milkyy in CHOP LIST APRIL '20   
    I’ve been taking a back seat since posting this, in order to take time to listen to members and the community to be able to move forward with this. 
    Whilst many of you have taken the time to raise concerns or comments, this isn’t something out of the ordinary when a Chop List is announced. Although some of you may disagree, I feel this has shown a positive reaction. Whilst some vVv “Honorary Members” sit within the Discord but haven’t engaged or been on the site for mass extent of the time, they are now engaging somewhat more than they have done in recent weeks/months/possibly years. Whilst I disagree with some comments, as President, I feel there needs to be a happy medium, something we need to listen to. I do feel those recent members who have made their cases heard, have a point which we should listen.
    For those who have reached out to me it’s appreciated, along with members sharing their thoughts over the matter. Jerry’s comments on three points of what might an Honorary Member face are detailed below.
    Honorary member doesn't game anymore and therefore understands they are getting chopped, and respects the decision They become active again They explain to Milkyy why they can't be active now, but would like to remain. Which a number of you have done recently which I appreciate. 
    vVv Community Members - for those who are active within the community and want to engage in community game nights, publicly text chat or talk via voice comms to other members, help new applicants, post within our forums and promote vVv through their social channels.  
    Honorary Members - earned through achievements by the leadership team and will gain the v’a for life. Although, where possible we would like some activity, we all would like to keep in touch!
    We will make changes within Discord by taking suggestions onboard from this post and these will be put in place tonight.
    We have already taken measures to decrease voice comms for games that aren’t as popular anymore or participated in along with those titled game chats.
    This said, there will be a removal of vVv Member Chat and replaced into a Community Member Chat for everyone including applicants to engage with.
    So, in summary and on reflection from all responses, here is what’s going to happen.
    Honorary members will be removed from the chopping block and remain as normal. The community have made it clear they still want to respect the fact they are inactive within the community or not. 
    Community members listed below will remain within vVv after reaching out to me and on discussion positive outcome has been made. I hope those listed will reach out to me in time  
    vVv Samona 

    This highlights a time where the community has come together and made their voices heard, it’s down to the leadership team and myself to stand back, listen, take note and make those decisions. I think we have done that. 
    I’m happy to say this should conclude the dialog and move forward together. 
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from vVv JoeExotic in CHOP LIST APRIL '20   
    I agree with @vVv Saturn's message completely. Yes, its that Samona on the chopping block list and I'm not here to defend myself here as to why I shouldn't be there. I've been inactive and I will admit that. If there's a place for me here anymore ill get with the proper people and fix that but, as for now I want to address my feelings towards the Dismissal of Honorary members.
    I Completely Disagree With It.
    This saddens me when I see Honorary members being treated as if they have done nothing for the community. Everyone on that list has been a big contributor to the community and I think they deserve much much more than an Ultimatum like this.
    Honorary Member wasn't something you worked towards it was something you earned. Whether it was for outstanding performance in a Live Tournament Event or something that was ultimately just for us as a community. So I don't think a "Chopping List" With a couple of our previous Executives Commenting "Chop Chop" and "Good" in a public manner the way they have is very "Community" like. When these people where the ones to help you build your community in the past and just have moved on to different things.
    Sorry if this comes off as rude but I get this same feeling from the Chopping List Message as well. There is a different way of doing things as @vVv Bagzli said in his earlier post that I agree more with then how this is being done currently.
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    vVv DulceArma reacted to vVv Saturn in CHOP LIST APRIL '20   
    I can't, and won't speak on behalf of anybody but myself (so I'm a little biased).
    In my experience of being a member, staff member, and now honorary member I have come to learn the long way of what defines each tier of member. @vVv B1zkit mentioned putting a definition for what makes an honorary member...honorary, so here's mine. Becoming an honorary member is truly the pinnacle of what defines this community. To become members, we have all undergone trials to prove we can belong to the pack, whether it be activity on these forums, (shoutout to) the shoutbox, whichever voice platform we have called home, various community game nights or tournaments, or just playing with other current members. When chosen, the ultimate test was the interview which has welcomed all of us to this family. The difference between members and staff members is small, and in theory should be non-existent. It is the duty of all members to uphold the standards set by the community, however, staff focus those efforts in one particular direction or role. Honorary members, in theory, embody the ultimate in characteristics reflected by the community as a whole having left their energy, passion, and accomplishment back into the community that originally gave them that opportunity. Many of them leave for personal reasons and are required to step away for those reasons. Chopping honorary members, regardless of their inactivity, is a decision I disagree with entirely. By chopping these honorary members, it is disregarding whatever contribution they have made which is the platform by which we all enjoy the sense of family and belonging that has been created.
    To reiterate LordJerith's point: dialogue, in this scenario, is paramount. These members, all of them, have been in this family and have drifted away for reasons that are their own and 48 hours is an absurd amount of time to provide such an ultimatum. Throughout my involvement here: @vVv Bagzli is spot on and I believe his solution is at the very least a starting point in that dialogue.
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    vVv DulceArma reacted to vVv Bagzli in CHOP LIST APRIL '20   
    Honestly, I believe this was the wrong approach. I really don't mean to offend anyone and I am very sorry if you take it the wrong way but here is my opinion if you care for it.

    So far mentality of every president that got on board was, chop, chop and chop. Sadly I made the same mistake as well and in all honestly, I have not seen a single positive thing to come out of it.  I learned from this mistake and here is me trying to share what I learned so you don't repeat it. Recently we chopped away 90% of out discord members in a day, why? Because they were not active, and now they never will be. Why don't we go and chop 90% of our twitter followers? its the same thing as far as I see it, they don't follow nor re-post our content anyway, so whats the point, we can delete the account, create it again and start over. I honestly see that no different than what has been done so far with discord. I think its high time we realize that discord is a platform for advertising, socializing, information sharing and so much more all spun in one. Its best of every world (social media platform wise) and I feel we just threw that away. We can use it to have a following so much more immersive than any other website you can name. And for the chunk of people that is there and not involved, I don't see as a problem but rather an opportunity to get them involved.

    Maybe I understood it wrong when @vVv Doomhammer explained it to me all those years ago. Maybe I even misunderstood as I sat in Mumble server listening to @vVv LordJerith promoting @vVv sK1ppY to an honorary member back then, but it went something along like this. Skippy, you have done so much for our community that I am promoting you to an honorary member, that means you can never be chopped and is a way of the community thanking you for your hard work, donations and effort you have put in. You have done so much, you earned your V's for life. Now Jerry may not have used those words exactly, but that is what I understood him say behind his speech, and that is one of the key moments that made me want to stay involved with vVv through all the hardships I have watched it go through. So if I understood it wrong then that is on me, but if I haven't then I really think that chopping the honorary members is the wrong way to go.

    I understand the problem of getting honorary status and washing your hands away. I always saw this as an issue as I tried very hard to get people engaged back and had next to no success with anyone holding the honorary title. I back then decided that it wasn't the right problem for me to fix so I focused on building new content with new members as oppose to relying on the old who kept giving "making vVv great again" speech i keep seeing everywhere. I now find myself wishing I gave this problem a bit more thought and action back then, seeing where its going next.

    I don't like to be the person who just whines and complains, I like to be the person who bring a solution to the table, so I would like to offer a suggestion. And before I get into it, I just want to make it clear that I fully appreciate the great deal of time and effort invested in giving this matter a thought. I know it wasn't an easy decision and I know you debated it for a while and I hope you don't find my words too harsh as I really mean well and want you to succeed.

    The first thing is I believe that as oppose to chopping honorary members flat out and giving them some ultimatum, you try to understand them and actually ask them what they want. Will you ever come back? What will it take? Ask every person individually. If you really want to understand the problem then don't make a single post and expect answers, you have to get into those one on one conversations and actually hear the person and understand what they are saying, not just hear them, but really understand them.

    The second thing is, a lot of you here supporting this chop would of gotten chopped by your definition when I took over, I cant name very many of you that I see here to have come back to support vVv Gaming when I took over. You all went away and it doesn't matter why. So if I cut ties with you back then, well you wouldn't be here now coming back trying to rebuild. I see the members of vVv Gaming come and go in waves and these honorary members return every so often to come back and try to help. They have long periods of inactivity but they do come back eventually and try to help, even if its a post here and there offering their peace of mind. I always found those helpful. By chopping them, we are officially saying that we do not appreciate the work they did. So why on earth would they want to come back later?

    So the root of the problem as I see it is that the honorary role was meant to say, you did so much thank you. But it seems you want the honorary role to now also mean active to some degree. So why not archive (I wish I could find a better word to describe this) instead of chop. Why not still recognize people we are removing for what they did as oppose to flat out saying good bye. So the Honorary Role could still mean all those great things, but it can also mean the person is active to some degree and for those honorary members who no longer wish to be active at the present time, we simply move them to a historic role where their accomplishments are listed. We recognize the time and effort they put in, we acknowledge them still but also show that they are no longer actively involved in the community. And if they want to come back tomorrow and become active again, they can and we can move them back to honorary, it saves everyone feelings and we continue to thank them for their hard work. And we can decide on who to keep honorary and who to keep historic by talking to them individually. After all the work they put in, I think the least we can do is show them a bit of gratitude and respect by reaching out to them personally instead of some massive post of get active or get chopped.

    Bottom line is, I feel this was the wrong move and I feel it sends a wrong message to anyone who wants to get involved with vVv Gaming moving forward.
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from vVv Saturn in vVv Gaming Streaming v2   
    Been streaming for a little over the last year exclusively on twitch, Always striving to have fun and bring up a positive community beside me!


    I stream a variety of games from apex to the new indie releases i haven't really been stuck on one game for too long tho

    My schedule is:
    Saturday - Thursday 11 PM PST - (At the latest) 5 AM PST
    Tuesday & Wednesday: 11 PM (But may start earlier if I Want to or need to) - 6 AM (At the latest) Fridays off for some personal time.
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Vulgar in Apex Legends   
    Hmu if u need someone
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Cherp in N0thinButTheRain's vVv Application   
    Rain is a cool guy just sayin!
    Edit: And also the guy above me is not so cool just sayin
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    vVv DulceArma reacted to vVv Bagzli in vVv Gaming Presents: Supersonic Series   
    vVv Gaming is proud to present our newest competitive game nights for Rocket League!  These game nights will allow Teams and individual Rocketeers to bring their A game and level up their gaming skills in three unique events each week!  Whether the goal is to improve teamwork, find suitable opponents, or just acquire valuable feedback on how to improve one’s gameplay, these events will accomplish just that!

    All of the events below will lead to a Season Finale where the best players and teams from the entire season will be allowed to participate!  Each season will last 8 weeks (subject to change based on the feedback received in season 1).  Players and Teams with highest scores will be invited to the two final tournaments.
    In order to create an environment that Rocketeers wish to be part of, an environment that encourages gamers to be competitive, to improve, and help others grow, we have made the first season a “test run”.  What this means is that for the first season finale we will not be providing prizes to the winners.  We hope that the first season will give us enough time to gather feedback from the participants in order to ensure quality of the event.  Dependant on the success of the event, prizes will be introduced at a later time.
    Season 1 starts on Tuesday November 3rd.
    Supersonic Draft
    Supersonic Showdown
    Supersonic Shuffle

    Playing Games and Reporting Results: A tournament bracket will be created and can be accessed via http://www.vvv-gaming.com/RLBracket.  (Note this link will take you to an external website that we use for hosting brackets and also this link will be kept up to date with the current active event).  For all events above, the Admin will announce via TeamSpeak when the event has started.  Once this happens you should contact the opposing team and host a private game among yourselves and play your best ouf of three matches.  After you complete playing your match, one player from your team needs to report your score to the Admin.  To keep things clean, please save replays of games you win in case we need to refer to them to prove a winner.
    Casting: We are looking for dedicated casters to stream these tournaments. Until we find these individuals we will be streaming the games played, however there will be no commentary.  If you are interested in such a role, you can find more details here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/announcement/2-twitch-caster-opportunity-for-rocket-league/
    Point System: You will receive points for your participation in each tournament.  These points will determine the top 8 teams and top 24 players that will participate in the two season finale tournaments.  The first tournament will be hosted for the top 8 teams based on the team scores from Supersonic Showndown event.  The second tournament will be hosted for the top 24 players based on the combined individual scores from all 3 events.  Keep in mind that participating in Supersonic Showdown event will earn Team Points as well as half of the total team points towards your individual points.  For example if your total Team point score was 10 points, you will earn 5 individual points.  This has been done to encourage individual players to participate in the “Supersonic Showdown” event and help fill out teams that are missing a player for the evening.
    2 points for participating 2 points for every match won 2 additional points for placing 4th 4 additional points for placing 3rd 6 additional points for placing 2nd 10 additional points for placing 1st     
    To stay up to date on everything we do you can:
    Join our steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGamingRL
    Join the discussions on our Forum: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum
    If you have a question, just reach out to one of our event administrators via private messages on vVv Forum.
    Event Administrators:
    vVv Bagzli, vVv Samona, vVv Saturn, Chibigoat
    For more information on vVv Gaming and staying up to date with events that we host accross various games, visit our Website at http://vVv-Gaming.com or you can follow us on twitter @vVv_Gaming.
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    vVv DulceArma reacted to vVv Saturn in vVv Gaming Presents: Supersonic Series   
    Can't wait to start!
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Freshbr3w in Taylor Hiatts application   
    Aye man was fun playing with you the other day had a great time hope to see you more active on the forums but other then that your doing great keep up the good work
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Coward in Coward's Re-Applying Guize!   
    Welcome back man i havent met u yet but by the reaction of biz im sure your good guy
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Hey man we still need to play haha and also hows your application experience so far?
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Hey man how are you doing??
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Hey man u got GTA right? Add me up cause we need to play:)
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    vVv DulceArma got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Aye man we need to play some Cod soon
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    vVv DulceArma reacted to Freshbr3w in Taylor Hiatts application   
    thanks dude. means a lot.

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