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    vVv Samona got a reaction from vVv Skeensyy in Hats?? Wait we have hats??   
    i need one xD
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    vVv Samona reacted to vVv Saturn in Hats?? Wait we have hats??   
    Looks DOPE
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from vVv Saturn in vVv Gaming Streaming v2   
    Been streaming for a little over the last year exclusively on twitch, Always striving to have fun and bring up a positive community beside me!


    I stream a variety of games from apex to the new indie releases i haven't really been stuck on one game for too long tho

    My schedule is:
    Saturday - Thursday 11 PM PST - (At the latest) 5 AM PST
    Tuesday & Wednesday: 11 PM (But may start earlier if I Want to or need to) - 6 AM (At the latest) Fridays off for some personal time.
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Vulgar in Apex Legends   
    Hmu if u need someone
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Cherp in N0thinButTheRain's vVv Application   
    Rain is a cool guy just sayin!
    Edit: And also the guy above me is not so cool just sayin
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    vVv Samona reacted to vVv LordJerith in Five Pillars of vVv Gaming   
    Value: Having members that are all adding value is a critical part of having a rich and vibrant community. There are many ways to add value: creating content for our partnered YouTube channel, having a strong social media presence with appropriate vVv Branding on your profile, being social on our forums and helpful to aspiring players and applicants to even just donating. To see the full list of ways to add value click here. If you are unsure of how you can add value, reach out to the community for help. Excellence: There are two ways to demonstrate excellence in vVv Gaming. The first way representing our brand and community professionally at major lan events. The second way is by being a passionate community member that excels at adding value to vVv Gaming. Diversity: vVv Gaming is a diverse community. This is our strength! vVv Gaming has people that come from various backgrounds and we openly embrace differences in race, national origin, age, disability, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs and gender. In order to get the most passionate and talented individuals, we want people to feel that they are part of a welcoming and accepting community. We also welcome people who are passionate about a variety of games, the key feature of vVv is our diverse community! No matter what games you play, we want you to feel welcome as a member of vVv Gaming. Instead of forming rivalries among the different games we play, we should be excited that we have such a varying group of people who can all come together as part of something great. That's what makes vVv Gaming such a fantastic place to be! Chain of Command: If you have a problem with someone, please talk to them directly and IN PRIVATE. Always start with the person that you are having the problem with. DO NOT bring it to the Shoutbox or post about your problem. If you can't resolve it, then bring it to staff. Sponsors: Just as you have to add value to vVv, so does vVv Gaming have to add value to its sponsors. In order for vVv Gaming to support the best gamers and provide our community with events, opportunities and contests, you need to show them that you care. Represent their products, promote them and spread the word by supporting their social media initiatives.
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    vVv Samona reacted to vVv Bagzli in vVv Gaming Presents: Supersonic Series   
    vVv Gaming is proud to present our newest competitive game nights for Rocket League!  These game nights will allow Teams and individual Rocketeers to bring their A game and level up their gaming skills in three unique events each week!  Whether the goal is to improve teamwork, find suitable opponents, or just acquire valuable feedback on how to improve one’s gameplay, these events will accomplish just that!

    All of the events below will lead to a Season Finale where the best players and teams from the entire season will be allowed to participate!  Each season will last 8 weeks (subject to change based on the feedback received in season 1).  Players and Teams with highest scores will be invited to the two final tournaments.
    In order to create an environment that Rocketeers wish to be part of, an environment that encourages gamers to be competitive, to improve, and help others grow, we have made the first season a “test run”.  What this means is that for the first season finale we will not be providing prizes to the winners.  We hope that the first season will give us enough time to gather feedback from the participants in order to ensure quality of the event.  Dependant on the success of the event, prizes will be introduced at a later time.
    Season 1 starts on Tuesday November 3rd.
    Supersonic Draft
    Supersonic Showdown
    Supersonic Shuffle

    Playing Games and Reporting Results: A tournament bracket will be created and can be accessed via http://www.vvv-gaming.com/RLBracket.  (Note this link will take you to an external website that we use for hosting brackets and also this link will be kept up to date with the current active event).  For all events above, the Admin will announce via TeamSpeak when the event has started.  Once this happens you should contact the opposing team and host a private game among yourselves and play your best ouf of three matches.  After you complete playing your match, one player from your team needs to report your score to the Admin.  To keep things clean, please save replays of games you win in case we need to refer to them to prove a winner.
    Casting: We are looking for dedicated casters to stream these tournaments. Until we find these individuals we will be streaming the games played, however there will be no commentary.  If you are interested in such a role, you can find more details here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/announcement/2-twitch-caster-opportunity-for-rocket-league/
    Point System: You will receive points for your participation in each tournament.  These points will determine the top 8 teams and top 24 players that will participate in the two season finale tournaments.  The first tournament will be hosted for the top 8 teams based on the team scores from Supersonic Showndown event.  The second tournament will be hosted for the top 24 players based on the combined individual scores from all 3 events.  Keep in mind that participating in Supersonic Showdown event will earn Team Points as well as half of the total team points towards your individual points.  For example if your total Team point score was 10 points, you will earn 5 individual points.  This has been done to encourage individual players to participate in the “Supersonic Showdown” event and help fill out teams that are missing a player for the evening.
    2 points for participating 2 points for every match won 2 additional points for placing 4th 4 additional points for placing 3rd 6 additional points for placing 2nd 10 additional points for placing 1st     
    To stay up to date on everything we do you can:
    Join our steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGamingRL
    Join the discussions on our Forum: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum
    If you have a question, just reach out to one of our event administrators via private messages on vVv Forum.
    Event Administrators:
    vVv Bagzli, vVv Samona, vVv Saturn, Chibigoat
    For more information on vVv Gaming and staying up to date with events that we host accross various games, visit our Website at http://vVv-Gaming.com or you can follow us on twitter @vVv_Gaming.
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    vVv Samona reacted to vVv Saturn in vVv Gaming Presents: Supersonic Series   
    Can't wait to start!
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Freshbr3w in Taylor Hiatts application   
    Aye man was fun playing with you the other day had a great time hope to see you more active on the forums but other then that your doing great keep up the good work
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Coward in Coward's Re-Applying Guize!   
    Welcome back man i havent met u yet but by the reaction of biz im sure your good guy
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Hey man we still need to play haha and also hows your application experience so far?
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Hey man how are you doing??
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Hey man u got GTA right? Add me up cause we need to play:)
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    vVv Samona got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Aye man we need to play some Cod soon
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    vVv Samona reacted to Freshbr3w in Taylor Hiatts application   
    thanks dude. means a lot.

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