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    Im more of a gamer but i love to build and start up pcs for my friends i have not made a business out of it but i am thinking of doing so

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  1. Been streaming for a little over the last year exclusively on twitch, Always striving to have fun and bring up a positive community beside me! twitch.tv/DulceArma I stream a variety of games from apex to the new indie releases i haven't really been stuck on one game for too long tho My schedule is: Saturday - Thursday 11 PM PST - (At the latest) 5 AM PST Tuesday & Wednesday: 11 PM (But may start earlier if I Want to or need to) - 6 AM (At the latest) Fridays off for some personal time.
  2. Yooo Congrats my man Hope everything goes well for ya!
  3. Honestly just got off a play sesh on it and it was pretty good a nice fast paced but not too fast game and once I changed my keyBinds it was a really easy to play game as well
  4. Yo if I'm always down to play some games hmu my btag is DulceArma#1891 and steam is DulceArma I believe origin is the same xD
  5. vVv Samona


    are we allowed to just guess the sentence? or do we have to solve it via letters?
  6. I'm going to have to put this LoA in because work is getting really hectic and not allowing me to leave on time and is causing a lot of stress i do not have a certain time frame ill still try to do somethings on the forums but i cannot promise anything sense i'm having to come home and sleep for the next day most of the days i have work. My days off are occupied by school and on campus situations. this hasn't affected activity before but i figured i would through it in for information purposes. If you need more details from me u can get me on skype or send me a message here ill try to get back to you ass soon as i possibly can. Thanks
  7. Good luck with your endeavors man! hope to see you around!
  8. Rain is a cool guy just sayin! Edit: And also the guy above me is not so cool just sayin
  9. Saturn Translation: 101 Change your name to 9HourClericBeast and troll the heck out of the person trying to apply for vVv then continue to ruin the joke that you started by blowing your cover 30 second into the first game u play This translation is 100% accurate and if u disagree you are wrong
  10. Steam Id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/HipMickey/

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