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    League of Legends has been one of my favorite games since I started playing at the end of season 1. I have played it so much since then it is beyond my favorite.

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  1. What Unverclopt said but your build path is also dependent upon the champion you choose. A marksman champion isn't going to pick up a bunch of tank stats like health, armor and mr and do very well. The best thing to do when learning a new champ is look at the recommended items for that champion. They aren't 100% optimized most of the time but they can get the job done for most champions. It will also help you familiarize yourself with the items, at that point you can start mixing items up and figure out what works best a certain times. It also never hurts to look at probuilds.net
  2. Make sure to hop into mumble!! Also what is your IGN?
  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa, did you say Bard? Can I ask why? I know CLG did it but for soloq purposes I cant see him being as reliable as some other supports.
  4. This trailer is actually what made me think about getting into Swtor and I am definitely loving it so far!
  5. xArrow

    Arrow's Application

    No haven't yet, I have been really busy deal with personal things at the moment and I haven't had time. I plan to within the next couple of days.
  6. Everyone notice the blitz with the deathcap that is more important!!!!
  7. xArrow

    Arrow's Application

    Sounds good to me! I will be there!
  8. xArrow


    I cant tell you much about Ekko seeing as I haven't played him much. BUT ASHE is good with pretty much everyone, anyone that has hard cc in bot lane makes her level 6 extremely strong. Post 6 you just harass with W and auto for lots of free damage. If your support catches anyone out pop Q and laugh as your enemies health pool drops to 0! You just cant overstep with her because you have no escape or mobility at all. Build wise IE into PD is typically what you should build because crit is just to good on her. Other than that just nothing really special typical ADC build.
  9. xArrow

    Arrow's Application

    I am off Monday and Tuesday of next week. Otherwise it would have to be before 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  10. xArrow

    Arrow's Application

    It just never really appealed to me at all. I have Facebook and I always just thought it was basically the same thing just a slightly different format.
  11. xArrow

    Arrow's Application

    Viva where do you find these gifs? xD
  12. The whole point of this is to be competitive correct? How can it be competitive if one laner has extremely high knowledge of the game and the other has no idea what he is doing? If that is the case, it isn't competitive at all. For the higher elo people it just ends up virtually being a comp stomp. Also it isn't even close to solo que because everyone is coordinated in mumble, so at the very least it is Ranked 5s with 10 people of close to equal skill level on both sides.

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