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  1. A disagreement between myself and one of vVv staff has forced me to reconsider my application to vVv; as it stands I am withdrawing my application. This thread may be closed. Sorry.
  2. Just wanted to say: I am still alive and I will be on... some time soon. My life has been taken over by an evil and malevolent force called Dying Light and figuring out how to correctly search for the top rated animes on otaku-streamers.com Good news: I will be quitting my shitting job in the next few weeks because they changed what I have to do and I don't want to do what they want me to do and I was planning on going back to school in the fall anyways so a summer off might just be what the doctor ordered. p.s. if you can find a doctor that will order time off from work and school so my family doesn't bitch; that I would be eternally grateful for. Like I have money saved up I am still paying rent get off mah back woman! right?! Stupid sisters. It's like PMS and a new-born make them the Final End Boss.
  3. Wait was this the American border patrol or the Canadian Border patrol?
  4. This happens every Saturday and Wednesday so no.
  5. Grats Viva, hope to see you in Plat soon! I hope I am still there...
  6. Honestly Bronze encompasses so many players I shouldn't lump them all together; generalizing is never a good thing. I kinda just need to know how good someone is so I can adjust my play accordingly.
  7. I will be available to play on Saturday but Wednesdays is questionable and I am interested depending on the rank of the teammates; I just can't stand supporting for a bronze ADC like Silver is fine but bronze is just infuriating sometimes; other times I'm just like "Wow, I'm not even mad! I'm impressed!".
  8. I will be on mumble if you need a support give me a holler and I will drop everything and come running. Well I will be sitting the entire time but like I will come quickly but not like I do in bed!
  9. I can't help but wish he had more auras on him; I know that's Sonas thing but a bard to me has always been a enhancer, something like a CDR aura or even a mana/energy leech would have been interesting.
  10. Quackas#1517 I play the daily quests and sometimes just between LoL games; I main with a priest deck that I believe is OP and just got lvl 60 with priest. Add me as I have 0 people on friends list.
  11. Honestly he looks like he is going to be the highest skill cap support in game so far. You call him broken but he has 0 dmg and 0 survivability he is pure utility which is hard to well utilize properly; I foresee a bunch of mistimed ults fucking his team and his passage being underwhelming given the amount of dash/flash abilities already built into champ kits to move over walls. Plus he is designed to leave his ADC which can only work against some bot lane match ups, currently ones that aren't in meta ie. passive lanes. Most of the time when the ADC backs so should the support or if the adc isn't in lane getting exp and gold the support can be freezing lane and last hitting as necessary. His ult is going to be on a ridiculously long C/D and his heals are only useful out of a fight. I don't really like him... but I figure I need to add him to my roster as I boast about being able to play every support. I would have preferred a taric re-make...
  12. Wait it's 14 days?!?! I was told it was 28 Days!~ Time to investigate! Top 3 supports would be Blitzcrank, Leona and Morg but my morg play needs work and I want to pick up Alistar and Gragas support. My janna is fairly good as well but I prefer the hard engages and I play an awesome thresh but currently I feel he is overshadowed in almost every way by blitzcrank. I really want to find a Gold or Plat ADC that I can start practicing with so I can duo with them and climb.
  13. I am hoping to get Plat I by the end of the season but for now I am content to bask in my platinum glory till the decay would drop me to Gold.
  14. So this appears to have garnered a ton of interest; has this team been made yet or will you be holding try-outs?? Is there going to be extra members for like subs if certain people aren't online when agreed upon? I'd really like to do this if possible.

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