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  1. Unfortunately I am going to be resigning from vVv, I start my new job next week, have a few things going to be going on, and already focus so much on ESL and competitive gears I feel that I am giving a piss poor effort as a member. I need to focus on getting things organized in my personal life with issues out of my control and hopefully after everything gets better as I hope it does I can return to vVv in the future. It's been a blast in vVv, it's let me meet a bunch of cool people that I became good friends with and will still remain as I depart. I'll still poke around here and there and play with everyone without a doubt just need to take some time deal with this stuff.
  2. Sacred

    JS93's Application

    Played ranked with him and Deadaim yesterday, decent player just sucks you were having skype issues so we couldn't talk.
  3. Hey man, so how are you enjoying your time at vVv so far?
  4. I'm back from my "vacation" haha but if anyones on hmu today for some halo or cod!/
  5. Of course you can! I'd suggest using the shoutbox when trying to play as that's where most will contact you or ask if anyone wants to play. You can add vVv Sacred/Hudsonz 94 and whenever I'm free I'll be down to play.
  6. Different per applicant, depends how active you are on the forums, in game (amateur draft leagues basically 8s with vvv members, applicants, and outside players.)
  7. There's going to be a tournament for teams to enter and compete for a sponsorship from vVv themselves so I'd suggest getting on the grind immediately and finding that right team and enter!
  8. Nice app, feel free to hmu or deadaim once the game drops to play or something since my life is going to be work, gears, sleep and repeat haha.
  9. Welcome it'd help with the app to change your responses to a different color so ot stands out more, with gears back now you'll find others in the forums who are playing or even looking for teams as well!
  10. My family is in town and going to take a needed break and spend family time since Gears comes out next week and gaming will take over haha. I might be able to attend the Cod ADL one day but not guaranteed so wanted to post here.
  11. Sacred

    Manix Application

    Welcome man, as Legacy said if you ever need help feel free to ask, want to play sometime add my gt: vVv Sacred and if you ever need to go away for a few days make sure posting in the away section.
  12. Hey man hope to see you at tonights adl, http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/72060-signups-for-vvv-call-of-duty-adl-wednesday-12th-2015/ link for the signups.
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ haha welcome man good luck through app process.
  14. Hey we missed you at the ADL yesterday, it's a great place to meet other applicants, members, and outside people. Hope we see you on Mondays.
  15. Sacred

    I wanne be in vVv :D

    As B easy said make sure you post in the away section as if you don't apps could be closed due to inactivity.

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