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  1. Jackal put me in but I wasn't able to stop by today on discord or steam. I will definitely be around though and am eager to meet you guys.
  2. I'll play with you anytime. Add vVv TruFlare, and Welcome!
  3. Welcome! I look forward to playing some games with you in the future.
  4. Sorry to be notifying everyone so late, but I will be in Europe without a laptop, and with limited internet connection from 7/2 through 7/21. I will be playing in a symphonic band and Jazz band at various venues in Europe for these 3 weeks, but unfortunately will be largely out of contact with everyone.
  5. In My opinion, Top: Cho, Vlad, Hec, Gnar, and Rumble Jungle: Gragas!... Vi, Rek'Sai, Sej Mid: Katarina, Leblanc, AP Kog'maw/Xerath (same champ), Cho'Gath, and Viktor, Azir if they are really good ADC: Sivir, Jinx, Kalista are probably top 3, but really any of them are viable right now Support: Alistar, Thresh, Bard, Morgana With some guest appearances of Diana and Lux
  6. Thats how I feel when I play Lee Sin against someone like Soraka or Skarner.
  7. Ive been off to a very rough start this season, starting in Gold I and getting demoted to Gold IV, however Bard has been by far my most succsessful champion other than gragas, now that Ive picked him up. He is really good at saving dumb teammates, can keep two people stunned for 1/3 the total time in a fight regardless of length, and has a rediculous ability to pick fights when you want them/avoid fights when you don't. You basically get to make every important decision for your team, making it much less likely for there to be communication mistakes or idiocy.
  8. Hello Friends! I apologize for my recent lack of participation over the last three weeks or so, I should have made a post much earlier, but thought I would still manage to be on for a decent enough amount of time. I had not been on the sight for two weeks and also missed the division meeting. Four weeks ago I joined the Reading Buccaneers Drum and Bugle Corps, and it has greatly changed my schedule and life, and I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to juggle all of my changes and activities. This culminated with the end of my school year, leading to a lot of unexpected time spent sleeping, working, and practicing music, with me not giving vVv the attention I promised you guys. Needless to say, after this weekend my Week days should clear up and I look forward to resuming normal amounts of activity and being able to attend all of our week-day events, however I will still have 25 hours of rehearsal with the buccaneers on weekends and will not be able to make any Friday or Saturday meetings or events. Sorry once again! TruFlare
  9. I am really excited for next split, I have always been a gambit fan and look forward to what they bring to the table.
  10. Id like to try Rylai's on him, however it may be unnecessary because of his other slows and speed boosts.
  11. Hes been doing a lot of casting lately when he hasn't been playing with Gravity, and I wonder if he will continue to do that, however there seem to be almost too many casters at this point.
  12. I just wanted to say I found this to be a lot of fun and honestly think that I improved as a player in just the few games I played warming up and during this, and hope that we can do some more of these in the future. Edit: Diglett is a Potato(e)
  13. I have not bought the game yet, but I am about to, and I suspect I will power level enchanting or clothing if I start off like I did in Skyrim.
  14. I do believe that the champion that does not take it has to be in melee range to get xp, so as to prevent people from accidentally leashing xp. Try to end your kite/resetting of the camp with it near you and let your friend last hit it from the bush or whatever, and you should share it. Another thing to try is if you are playing leona or annie or somebody with a strong level 2 into a weak early lane like ezreal/vayne and thresh, if your friend is someone like caitlin, ask him to let you take full xp and cheese their adc with level 2 to set him back.

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