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  1. Dear God I can't wait for the game to start!
  2. It is awesome mate! How much did you spend for the whole setup?
  3. Have a nice time then and enjoy yourself!
  4. Even though I don't play smite anymore, I'm always up for freebies!
  5. In general Hearthstone is much simpler than Yu-Gi-Oh! You should give it a shot if you love card games!
  6. Oh dear God, I really don't want to start this game again! Sooo much time invested..
  7. I don't really get the point behind this decision though...
  8. I don't know if it's just me, but I get the feeling that Hearthstone is an expensive game. What I want to say is that if you want to play and reach some higher ranks then you have to spent a good amount of money on packs in order to get some cards, then break them and then make other cards. I managed to reach rank 14 last season with just a normal deck (no legendaries or weird cards) but from that point I started seeing people with decks full of constructed cards etc. My point is that Hearthstone is a card game and I think that when it comes to TCG it should be easier to reach the end game and start climbing the ladders. Of course some people might say that this is just butthurt (and they might be right) but it is they way I see it. For example, I used to play Magic couple of years ago. In Magic (due to the fact that there were no free cards or w/e) you have to buy your cards and construct your own deck. This will take about a month and something less than 30$. Once you have your own deck constructed then you can go on tournaments and start beating people. I would be really happy to hear what you guys think and I would be even happier if some of you guys didn't agree with me so that I can hear the other side. Cheers, Bill

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