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  1. Addicted to D.R.U.G.S

  2. I want Underoath's new album

    1. Vero email

      Vero email

      So listen to it?? I am now :)

    2. Syn2K


      It's a great album

  3. Diggin' the sig dawg.

  4. I'm going back to competitive gaming. Reach '11. Hit me up, i'm a free agent ;)

  5. No school for me today. Hell yes. Now college classes need to be cancelled.

  6. Not much bro. Just school, work, and hanging out with the girlfriend. What about you?

  7. Well if it isn't everyone's favorite Mexican <3

  8. Ya boy got Reach! Now to get XbL time :/

    1. Reducey


      just take it back, you are bad.

    2. Syn2K
  9. Well, I got a speeding ticket yesterday. Haha

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    2. Casperz


      damn how fast were you going.

    3. Syn2K
    4. Mr Jones

      Mr Jones

      Shit son, I do 80 in a 60 everyday on the way to work. lmao

  10. Milkyyyy's back!!!!!

  11. Very nice bro!! Congrats!

  12. When did you get in? haha

  13. You <3 randys. Therefor, you <3 yourself. Because I am no randy.

  14. Damn, why do you have to be so selfish.

  15. Dude, what's with the glasses? hahaha

  16. Link me nao, Joey

  17. I know right :( I've been busy as hell dude.

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