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  1. I had all my in game wealth tied up in thunderstruck trees unfortunately. Had been saving them to sell after the patch when people would need them. I should never try to speculate on anything.
  2. I wasn't able to try to login until right when the problem started and so missed out on everything too. What really amazed me was that when they realized that nobody new could get in they didn't take down the servers until they could fix the problem. Not a single server was showing high population. Not only was the castle grab not able to be participated in, auctions kept running and stuff without the level of competition they should normal have. Sieges might be available as you have said but with the biggest guilds (except maybe DA's castle) in charge of the castles who knows if anyone will ever be able to outbid them for the right to attack it. I thought tonight their would be a queue and their isn't. Its not a good sign for the health of the game.
  3. Thanks for the calendar. Just want to make sure about the times though after the teamspeak announcement a couple of days ago had some conflicting information. For instance for the naval raid tonight it says 8-10pm in the when field, in the description it says be on TS and ready by 9. At the bottom it says all event times Mountain. So is it starting at 8 mountain?
  4. I wasn't able to be on for the meeting yesterday. Is there anything people who weren't there should be aware of?
  5. I have had a hard time finding one complete source for this kind of information. Often the information is filled with discrepancies between the English and Korean clients. So I thought I would start a guide here with what I know and solicit your help in expanding upon it and correcting it. Please let me know what thoughts you have so I can keep this up to date and as useful as possible. Crafting Weapons and Armor -------- Check out the folio (default O key) to learn what components are needed to craft any item. For armor and weapons there are 9 tiers currently and a 10th one that should become available later. Apprentice Craftsman Artificer Artisan Conqueror Illustrious Magnificent Epherium Delphinad Ayanad (Not available Currently) To make the next higher tier of item you need the previous tier item as one of the ingredients. Up until tier 6 this is very straightforward. When you make the tier 6 item (Illustrious) it creates a seal rather than an item itself. The seal is a package that you open like the quest reward armor/weapon pieces to see what actual item you received. From these seal items can come one of a number of different items (4 or 7 depending on tier) each with different stat combinations. More importantly only one of the variants at each level is the correct precursor weapon to build the next tier. You can see what the name of the correct variant is by looking at the ingredients for the next tier. For example with Greatclubs the name of the correct item always contains the word "Sunset": Magnificent Sunset Greatclub. So if you make a Magnificent Wave Greatclub you cannot upgrade that item further and have to restart from scratch if you want to go further. You can also combine several un-upgradeable items of a level to reroll one new item that may or may not be upgradeable. I'm not sure if this takes 3 or 4 items. Currently with the way the economy is you are better off selling the item and starting over then doing this though. Each time you craft the next tier you have a chance to upgrade the rarity of the item one level from the item you put in. This chance is dependent on the crafting level of your crafter. The chance of this seems to be pretty low. When crafting new armor or weapons from scratch it makes sense to craft tier 2 over and over until you get a rare quality item to use as your base for crafting tier 3. Tier 2 is the first time you can craft a rare quality item and after tier 2 regrading is cheaper than getting the materials again for tiers 1, 2 and 3 multiple times. See regrading later in this guide. For some reason I find tier 2 rares can often be bought cheaper on the AH then they can be made. This may be a short term phenomenon due to the amount of people leveling their crafting right now. Regrading --------- Regrading is the process of using a regrading scroll and optionally a regrading gem to attempt to increase the rarity of an item. Any item that says "Regrade Available" towards the top can be regraded. Most things can be regraded. The most notable items that can't be regraded are Hasla weapons. The possible levels of rarity are: Crude - Light Grey Basic - Black Grand - Green Rare - Blue Arcane - Pink Heroic - Yellow Unique - Orange Celestial - Red Divine - Brown Epic - Light Blue Legendary - Yellow Orange Mythic - Dark Red Increasing the rarity of an item increases both the stats and often the number of lunagem slots an item has. The cost of regrading is dependent on both the type of item and the rarity of the item. The cost doesn't appear to be dependent on the level of the item. Because of this it is better to craft the final tier you want to get to with an item before regrading it. This is a very costly process. For example a weapon regrade scroll goes for about 10-20g right now, a regrade gem will cost you between 2-20g, and the actual regrade on a weapon is around 28g for the Rare to Arcane step and the price goes up pretty quickly from there. Regrading is not a guaranteed thing. You are paying for a chance to increase the rarity. Depending on the rarity you are starting with there are different outcomes that can occur. Here are the possible outcomes: Great success (only possible with a resplendent regrade scroll) - Increase in two rarities. Success - Increase in one rarity. Failure - No increase or decrease in rarity Major Failure - The item decreases one to two rarities. Catastrophic failure - The item is destroyed. Until the item you are starting with is Heroic the only outcomes are Success or Failure. Starting at Heroic you can have major failures and starting at Celestial you can have Catastrophic failures. Because of this most people stop at Heroic, Unique or Celestial. To regrade an item either click on the regrade scroll or press the regrade button in your inventory. Either of these will open this screen where you have to select a regrade scroll, the item to regrade and optionally a regrade charm. Regrade charms are optional marketplace items that increase your chance of regrade success. They are currently available on the auction house for gold relatively cheaply. I'm not sure if this is because some people got them in founders packs or because people are trying to change credits into gold with them but I think these will become more difficult to get as the headstart credits and items dry up. Regrade charms can be applicable to any rarity, one specific rarity, a particular rarity and below, or all rarities. The cheapest charms are those that only apply to one specific rarity. I have only seen these at heroic and unique levels. This means that counterintuitively regrade charms for lower level regrades are more expensive as you have to buy one that says something like Unique and below. The % change improvement listed on a regrade charm is multiplicative not additive. So if it says increases chance by 50% and the underlying chance without a charm is 10% then the chance with the charm is 15% not 60%. The regrade UI give you some indication of the likelihood of success at the bottom with the icons in the Success, Destruction and Degrade chance slots. I haven't done enough of these to give a comprehensive list of the possibilities. Two up arrows seems to be the highest chance. An X seems to be lowest or impossible to get outcome and a circle appears to be a moderate chance. Any additional information here would be appreciated. Tempering ------- Any item that that can be tempered will say "Tempering Available" near the top. Tempering increases the Physical Defense and Magic Defense of Armor and the Physical Attack, Magic Attack and Healing Power of weapons. It increases these randomly between 0% and 9%. Once tempered an item can only be tempered again by removing the temper with the Tempering Flux item sold on the marketplace. To temper an item you buy Tempering Burnish from a general merchant for 1g. You then click on it and then on the item to temper. At this point you pay another 10g (for weapon, not sure about armor) to temper the item. I am not sure what happens when a tempered item is regraded. I would guess that the tempering is lost because a regraded item is usually treated like an entirely new item. Lunagems/Lunastones ------ Lunagems and Lunastones are lost upon regrading an item. Lunagems and Lunastones have restrictions on their placement. For instance they will say 1-handed weapon, 2-handed weapon or feet slot. Only one Lunastone can be applied to an item. These are generally more powerful than lunagems. If you see an item with green text between the last stat and the start of the lunagem slots then this is the effect from an applied lunastone. You can replace an existing lunastone with another. This destroys the previous lunastone. Lunastones come primarily from alchemists but there area also really nice ones that come from the honor vendor. The casting time reduction in the red box in this screenshot is the effect from a lunastone. The blue box shows where the lunagems go. Lunagems are made by handicrafters and also come from the honor vendor. The number of lunagem slots an item has is a function of item type (chest, legs, etc...) and the rarity. The first lunagem applied automatically succeeds and all those after have a chance to destroy all lunagems in the item. I have read that you can use a Dawnstone from the general merchant to remove lunagems but have never done this myself. You can get to the lunagem/lunastone socketing Ui by pressing the regrade button in your inventory and going to the lunagem and lunastone tabs.
  6. Great, count me in. I guess I just wanted to put in a plea for people to understand that by contributing they are strengthening the guild and shouldn't expect exact returns or perfect fairness. If you want that, we already have it. It's called the auction house.
  7. I love the fact that we have some alliance's now. I tend to be online after most trade runs that vvv does are over and most people seem to be tending to their farms and stuff and winding down when I'm on. A larger pool of people to do stuff with is a win for me. Last night I got in on an attempt to help some of our allies take their trade packs back from Infernal and there was a lot of confusion about what was going on. I think most of this is because we were all in our own separate Voice Comms. I know this alliance just started but has there been any talk about any of the guilds involved opening up guest space for us all to get together on Comms? The thing that kept me playing Guild Wars 2 for a long time was that my server has a very close knit community with a server wide Teamspeak. People would usually be in their guild Teamspeak but also in the server one and you could gather a lot of people pretty quickly in an emergency to respond to a threat from another server. The fact that their is green on green pk'ing in this game makes that more problematic but I hope at some point alliances like we are making grow into a better West faction identity and more of a feeling of community.
  8. I really like the idea of everyone contributing from what they like to do. I play archeage for the PvP and do all the economy/trade/farming stuff just to try and have respectable gear to do that. I'm generally on later in the night so unfortunately I miss a lot of what seems to be vvv's prime hours. I can however make packs and donate storage space in two crowns if needed. This is really hard. The real end goal is to have a community that is more successful then its individual part would be alone. I think our most successful collaborations have been in building ships. People can see the value in the community having more galleons and tradeships and want to participate in the missions that allow that to happen. It gets a lot harder when you ask people to do something that clearly has a personal cost to them (like donating materials) and then they expect something equal or better back in return. The history of MMO's and "loot" rules is littered with so many broken guilds over feelings of people not getting what they feel they deserve. Even our first attempt to level up our crafters caused a lot of problems. It seemed like people thought crafters were leveling up with the mats and then selling the results for profit or something. I'm sure they were putting every bit of what they made back into leveling up and much much more. Crafting in this game is insane. Having crafters available to you that had enough proficiency to make what you needed later was the reward. If we had continued that system long enough there would have been materials to make actual items for use but it takes a lot just to get started. Its hard to give people incentive to give unless there is a clear list of rewards they can get for doing so but that system is really difficult to maintain without people arguing with the system in terms of what the value of the things they give is versus the value of the things they receive. If people can relax a little and not get so hung up on getting back exactly what they "deserve" I think it would be great. I just worry that human nature makes that very difficult.
  9. I see one more position we might want to man on the galleon. The big weakness of the galleon is being boarded. When you are fighting on the galleon there is no advantage for the galleon crew and they have a lot more to loose then the boarders. The galleon has the wind shield to keep people from gliding in and is fast enough to out run people trying to swim to it but I have already seen the same mistake been made 3 times by galleon owners (1 of those times it was us). Galleon sees a clipper at a decent range, before they get in range the clipper despawns. The galleon closes to pick off the clipper crew and drives right into a pack of 20 people waiting under the water. It would be a good idea, if man power allows, to have someone with aoe cc guard the lower ramp to the water that can't be closed. Of course the best idea would to always have galleons keep their distance if they don't know exactly what they are getting into.
  10. I recommend everyone go buy a stack of cannonballs. They are super cheap and of course terribly fun.
  11. Here is the Hierophant build I'm running in pvp. This build is best in smaller scale fights. Not as survivable as a Templar but a lot more cc. Let me know if you have any thoughts http://archeagedatabase.net/us/calc/159811
  12. The only thing I think is really a shame is that you don't have absorb damage. That being said you have to give up defiance or shield of steel they way you are built to get it. If you plan on being in larger groups I would think about giving up defiance. I don't believe this stacks with others who have defiance so hopefully you will get it from someone else anyway. If you are planning on being a bit more of a frontline healer as a Templar, absorb damage is really going to help. I'm not big on the cooldown reduction traits like alms as the 6% reduction is rather small and a lot of the vitalism skills are already instant cast or inspire cuts down on the cast times. You could drop that as well for Aranzeb's boon or something else. There really isn't a wow skill to drop it for though. Twilight is kind of fun, but very situational and renewal is more of a pve tank healing skill.
  13. So I will answer my own questions here after talking to a couple of crafters. If you make a lvl 44 item or higher (one of the sealed ones) and don't get the role for the variant that can be upgraded further then you have to start over if you want to go further. There are multiple variants at lvl 44, low 50, mid 50, and high 50. So you can get stuck at 44, low 50 or mid 50. It is best to save regrading for when you get to where you are going to stop since you don't want to waste money on regrading and then get stopped lower then you want to go. Also regrading scrolls don't currently show when there is no upgrade available and on lower level items there is a max rarity so you might be wasting them with no change to upgrade. One good thing to do is when you get to the second level item, I believe it is craftsman, that you get a blue rarity item before proceeding. Each time you upgrade you can increase rarity one grade. It is cost prohibitive to keep trying for these crafting criticals above the second level but pretty reasonable to do at that level. So make a number of second level items until you get a blue one and then progress from there. One other thing I've noticed that should be obvious but doesn't seem to be is that people are selling the higher level crystals often for more then the cost of buying the previous level shards and combining them. I've been able to save about 20% on the crystals I need buy buying shards and combining them. This is obviously something that will change constantly but its worth remembering to check.
  14. So when you craft something in this game you start from a basic item and use that as an ingredient in the next item each time. With each step there is a chance to move up one grade of rarity. So if you are for instance trying to make a weapon you are going to keep for a long time does it makes sense to start over each time you fail to get a tier upgrade at the lower level crafting items since it would be more expensive to do later? Also how does regrading come into this? I've seen conflicting information on whether or not you can regrade a sub 50 level item. Basically I'm looking to make a 2 hand hammer for healing and willing to invest a considerable amount of gold to do so, I'm just not sure how to do this in the most efficient way or what sort of magnitude of cost I'm looking at. I know a lot of this is RNG but I'm just trying to get an idea of on average what to expect. I've seen people say they spent 150-200 gold on making a lvl 44 weapon several times but I'm assuming that is just accepting whatever rarity happens to come out and not repeating any steps or anything. I see lvl 44 2 handed hammers on the auction house for between 100-300 gold but these are always green in rarity. I'm assuming these are basically people trying to sell off their failures. Any thoughts? Also as I understand it at level 44 you make the seal rather then the actual item and then opening the seal produces one of four variants, only one of which is upgradeable. So if you don't get the one that is upgradeable and you want to continue you have to start all the way over right? There is no item or way to redo the RNG on this right? I could ask this in mumble of our crafters but I always think its worth documenting this stuff in the forums as I'm sure some one else will have the same questions. Thanks.
  15. Thanks, I think what I've been slow to realize is that Archeage isn't really like most MMO's where max level requirement items are easy to get and then you are just trying to up the rarity.

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