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    Varulv got a reaction from Daviepants in New Queue Times?   
    10:50pm CDT (8:50 PDT) and 5 person Q. That's what I'm talking about.
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    Varulv got a reaction from Ahryse in Farms for Guild use   
    I have two 8x8 and one 16x16 farm in Dewstone near the north entrance, these farms have been set to Guild Privileges so anyone in the guild may plant and/or harvest on them. This is to help out those who either haven't been able to build their own farms (or can't in the case of F2P) or for anyone needing extra room to plant for crafting.
    Have fun, and if you harvest someone else stuff please send it to them. 

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    Varulv got a reaction from Exiledsoul in New to vVv for Archeage? Click Here!   
    What is your name? Jimmy aka Varulv
    What is your quest? ...to find the holy grail?
    What is your favorite color? Pink...no blue.
    Where are you from? Moore, OK, USA (Yeah, it's still here)
    What previous MMO's have you played? UO, EQ & EQ II, AO, Lineage I & II, SB, WoW, CoX, AC, FFXI & XIV, TERA, Aion, D&DO, LOTRO, Rift, TR, GW & GW2, DAoC, E&B, EVE, SWG, SWTOR...I'm sure there is a few more in there but I can't recall off hand.
    What type of class do you generally play? Roguish or something in plate.
    What class do you plan on rolling in Archeage? Something in plate.
    Where did you hear about vVv Gaming? From the Archage Fourms

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