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  1. Q times will go back up a little as they have announced that the afk kick was a little more agressive then they wanted and they intend to hotfix it.
  2. They are all right next to each other. 1 8x8 and the 16x16 is marked Varulv and the other 8x8 is marked Sobriety.
  3. 10:50pm CDT (8:50 PDT) and 5 person Q. That's what I'm talking about.
  4. It would be from Skullknight to either Darkrunner (2H DPS), Shadowblade (2H DPS), or Paladin (Tank) not really sure yet. Because someone will say something, I simply don't like duel wielding it's just a thing I have. I consolidated all the mats I've been collecting (and hadn't yet sent to Amped) and I actually have quite a bit of ores and stones, so I could probably level some off of that.
  5. Yeah, giving up the land is kinda of a last resort trade off of the headache of leveling the trees again (I started out Blighter then switched to Skullnight). I have some credits to burn, 4k-ish saved labor, but not a whole lot of resources to refine. I really see my main as a melee fighter, i thought about doing a tank (that is how i really see my main) but it just seems so slow going on the leveling front (I've tried leveling as Skullknight). I tried looking up builds (both tank & dps) but it is all so very confusing and not sure what the date cut off for what would still be viable is.
  6. So I am sitting here facing a dilemma. I've been playing my alt for the last few days but I really want to go back to my main, thing is though I don't like the direction I took him so I am looking at several options; 1. Reskill my main and suck up the major PIA of leveling those skills, although at 35 it is not as rough as at 50. 2. Sell my alt my 16x16 and call her my main and struggle with leveling different skill choices, again a PIA. (She's roughly 35 as well) 3. Give my 8x8 plot to a guild member and sell my 16x16 to a guild member for basically free (even if I have to charge I would simply give the money back)...I just don't want to have to pay the 300 credits for an Appraisal Certificate. 4. Give up the plots to a guild member who needs/wants them, delete and re-roll 5. Take some Fukitol, delete, and re-roll (not the option I'm going to take) Four would be the best choice IMO unless someone else can/wants to buy the certificate and give it to me for the sale (if can even be traded). Right now I have guildies with stuff on my farms and would give them a heads up so they don't loose their stuff prior to making a choice. Any input?
  7. Looks like the queue times have gotten better, logged in at 4pm CDT and only waited about 20min for a 246 person queue.
  8. Happy to help and glad the farms are getting use.
  9. I just checked, it is getting some use but the plots aren't full. If I notice them filling up on the reg I'll update.
  10. Yeah, sat in Q for an hour a half when I woke up. About 60 seconds after I finally got in the game I got disconnected for the restart.
  11. I have two 8x8 and one 16x16 farm in Dewstone near the north entrance, these farms have been set to Guild Privileges so anyone in the guild may plant and/or harvest on them. This is to help out those who either haven't been able to build their own farms (or can't in the case of F2P) or for anyone needing extra room to plant for crafting. Have fun, and if you harvest someone else stuff please send it to them.
  12. Send an in-game mail to either Brink or Horror. These two are pretty good about getting trade runs together. Also if you don't have or are not on mumble then you need to fix that. Mumble is how everything gets done around here.
  13. Yeah I changed two of mine and it has been rough going but I've done it solo so it can be done with a little effort. You're 4 levels above me though so I'm not sure I'd be helpful to you.
  14. I'll spare everyone a psych 101 lecture and just simply state I don't get this kind of behavior or how/why people can find it fun/funny.
  15. I saw it when I joined up, but unless it gets an updated icon I forget all about it.

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