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    Gaming, computer programming, space, business,technology, hunting, fishing, working out, and learning about ancient Greece and Rome.
  1. Hey man how's the application process going so far?
  2. Congrats man. It's really all not that painful lol jk
  3. Completely understandable man. Thanks for the updated pic.
  4. Hey man just wanted to pop in and ask how everything is going?
  5. How serious of a skateboarder are you? I use to do it a lot way back when and still dabble in it occasionally.
  6. What gaming company would you want to work for it you could pick?
  7. Hey man good luck on your app. How's it going? What kind of cars do you build?
  8. It's going well. Glad to hear everything is going well and that your able to join some CGNs.
  9. Welcome to vVv man. Good luck on your app. What kind of hunting do you do?
  10. Thanks for applying! If you have any questions about your application or vVv in general, feel free to message any CoD staff member or make a post here. It's important to get involved in the community right away, since you only have three months to complete the application process and prove you can be an awesome member! To get involved, we encourage you to participate in our CoD Draft League, participate in our weekly 8s Nights, and add yourself to our skype chat. We also want you to have an active presence on our forums and spend time gaming with and getting to know our current community members. If you go on vacation or have personal issues and need to take a leave of absence for a week or longer, be sure to fill out a post in the Away/On Vacation forum. This lets us know what's going on so we don't mistakenly close your application due to inactivity. Welcome, and good luck on your application! Didn't have to make a new one but no biggies man.
  11. Yea I read that you work night shift. If you do hop on during the day we have a few members from Europe who you could play with when the majority of us aren't on.
  12. Hey man just thought I would ask how everything is going? Welcome to the forums and good luck.
  13. Besides the time issue how is everything else going?

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