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  1. That's why I will only play enough to get gold each season, then go back to playing arams and specialty modes
  2. Cool! I know I will get this champ if only for the awesome wolf animations!
  3. I've always gotten about 69 to 79 ping, mine has stayed the same
  4. Yay! one day I will too lol
  5. I'm looking into this game! I remember beta testing it before, but getting bored... then I found archeage... curious to see how ftp works out
  6. wowwwww gotta practice alot more
  7. That's why i'm giving final fantasy another go
  8. Lol why? should I be playing horde?
  9. Lol helping bagzli with black desert.. and I did start a trial account.. I'll give it 10 days to get me hooked playing come wolf druid thing
  10. Every time I try to get into wow, I just loose interest.. sucks cause everyone I know plays it
  11. my wife would kill me if I got another game...

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