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  1. Hello, My name or well Clan Name is F3AR DeVouR. Call me Mr.DeVouR. Im here to say and announce that me and my brother F3AR GraVitY are officially going competitive. There is 3 of us F3AR MrWill, GraVitY, and Myself. MrWill is in California. GraVitY is my brother and We are in the Fort Worth Area. Were are young at the Ages of me 14 and GraVitY 11 and MrWill 14 is my cousin. The two of us want to start to go to Tournaments. We also want to be able to include MrWill if possible. Were young but well we don't disappoint. With just us 2 and maybe Some of my friends. If anyone or vVv Gaming can help us out. Sponsors, organizers, and or a manager. Anyone willing to help us out pm me or email at me theshadowgamermc888@gmail.com. Trust is and put some Faith in us. We wont let you down.
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