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  1. The reason they took away dominion is because of the fact that only .5% of the player base, if that, played it. To have people dedicated to balancing that, and making sure champs didn't break that map is silly imo. I played a ton of Dom myself but I agree with the decision to take it away. Just needless clutter. I do hope thou they bring it back from time to time as part of the other modes like U.R.F. (I want them to bring back doom bots though )
  2. You know I have it, but I completely am newbie to it.
  3. See, stuff like this makes me wish I didn't work retail...
  4. Ranko hit silver after straight into ranked which is good for someone new to league! Don't be scared of League Ranked matches. If you feel confident in your abilities. And if you are doing great in normal games with higher ranking people in LoL in normals. (as ranked mmr affects normal mmr a bit) then you should be confident!!!
  5. I has one lolol. xD New Sion looks like he is a raid boss.
  6. I personally think that Urgot is thie worst. He fits in a meta of protect the adc, which works well for him in this meta. It's the only real meta he fits in, yet he still isn't used. Mostly due to how poor hits fight is compared to other adcs. And it's easier to stall and wait for a mistake due to long spawn timers then to try to shut down a hyper carry early and roll with it.
  7. Also, this is just an idea, I could also change it so that we can do ADL highlight videos!!!! PLEASE let me know what you guys would like to see content wise for VVV LoL!

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