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  1. KillShift

    Zoning Explained

    Loved this video!
  2. Before you make the comment that I was intellectually dishonest with you, let me remind you of what you posted before i responded with my copy and paste And heres the site you copied from ... https://www.ozprinciple.com/self/why-accountability/ Thank you for your time, but I will close my app
  3. This is the announcement (click the yellow )with more details you are looking for. Its Sundays and Wednesdays, 9pm est and can go till your 2 games are finished with the feedback team sessions, so think 2 hours! We will keep a point system for you and its a 4 week season right now as the "Alpha Stage"
  4. KillShift


    so salty
  5. Have your team help you with homework 5 minds ... might... maybe haha will get it done faster
  6. I think my control over it is really simple. most of the time I just have to go into an AFK and get my life together. I dont really tilt as much as I used to when I played league but now its a lot less stressful with using curse voice in ranked. I feel it works great for now! I think under pressure and me possible tilting, I can pull my life together and suck it up... access the situation and change it up for the team (you know what I mean) I do realize when I mess up and Im about to die... "well I deserved that" and just reflect on it and improve. My personality I feel helps me not tilt. I go into a silly mode and just let the Kiesha out and then go back to Cody mode and return to playing normal! Had KFC once, Im a Lees Family Recipe kinda guy <======== KIESHA TILT
  7. Well this is probably a perfect time for that! A lot of our community members in the Smite Community have been making smurfs to level up and I believe tagging along with them is a great first start! one reason why they are doing this is to either have a clean slate to go in ranked with or just leveling to 15 for refer a friend for a Tyr Skin! A lot of players hangout in the channel and just randomly ask if you want to play. A lot of people in the community are very knowledgeable and are swell at offering advice to new players. I know we enjoy helping those who are trying out SMITE and are from LoL . We also might be bringing back a coaching program for some but everything is in alpha stage. Some People Who Have Smurfs: Minjaaa Cadu Sylence Tayto Luda Sawna Ghosty KillShift Snap Habacop
  8. Another Indiana Player, WOOT! welcome to the community and good luck on your application!
  9. Great novel! Im glad over the many years of gaming I have been able to establish and recognize my own methods of removing tilt because only I personally knows what it takes to remove that feeling. For example... Play 1v1 ranked, I lose because I kept missing skill shots... I was tilting in game... game is over...watched funny youtube videos... forgot all about it... played next game.... worked on skill shots in normals again... played a ranked game... won... and WOOT I saw my mistake, shook off the tilt, worked on it, and went back into the game more driven to get those skill shots down! Also made a Tilting Guide in the smite section back in march for anyone who wants to read! and as Alaska would sayyyyy
  10. KillShift

    Where to start?

    17/3/3 Apollo 7/1/20 Xbalanque pssssshhhtttt new guy says what haha
  11. you guys love digging up old info, that was 2014 when guru wasnt even around lol sillies @Phryme, thats what the original post pretty much does... you type the site in, hit database of players,organize it by wins, see the top players, click their name, and BAM you have their builds the method is just easier for new players because they dont know the "pro" people so they go to the database!

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