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  1. I don't think that he should be allowed back in vVv gaming because of the reason he "couldn't attend" Meadowlands. He said that his parents and gf and whatever didn't like the person he was becoming and you were going to quit. Umm...you changed and changed back again? WTF? I think if you let him back in, make him a casual gamer or whatever until you see him at columbus. Just my opinion.
  2. Why didn't he say that at meadows? He's all online....
  3. Thanks and I'm truly sorry about the shirt thing. I should have worn it no matter what, I was just way to focused on what was going on and didn't think about the people that helped me make it to where I am.
  4. I put the shirt and my coat back on to go back outside and such after the match, and then I took my coat and the shirt off again. I know I could have gone to the restroom or something to take off the MLG shirt and put on the vVv shirt, I was wrong there. I also don't understand why you say MbN is the best team on the circuit, can you explain more please? Your opinion is your opinion but I'm just curious.
  5. I was wearing my vVv shirt, I wouldn't ask for one if I wasn't going to wear it. I took it off because it was making me sweat like crazy. I had two shirts on, the MLG shirt was under that one. Sorry for the misunderstanding but I thought I mentioned that.
  6. i can haz link to the fanbar?

  7. Fritzley

    Life's Good

    Good luck with your team.
  8. Oh, I was just saying that cause I live there lol, maybe Philly or somewhere in PA? But honestly Pittsburgh would be a great place, a very nice convention center that could easily be turned into a MLG event, with alot of surrounding hotels.

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