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  1. His R is useful indeed. But with no slow and shorter shield, his early game (lvl < 6) ganking will be much more difficult. His ability of protecting teammates will be weaken as well.
  2. not only he doesn't have slow anymore, his shield now lasts 2 sec instead of 4 sec... lol... I don't think we will see him in matches anymore
  3. Female vel'koz...? Its gonna be very hot
  4. Just learnt that with the new modification, Lee Sin's Tempest will not slow enemies anymore.... That is a pretty brutal cut IMO ... does that mean he is a shitty champion from now on? What you guys think?
  5. First one was Annie... Had no idea how to play her and how her stun works... Then got into J4 because his lofty appearance... But Annie is definitely a good one to have, especially in Howling abyss...
  6. Only watched Brad play it a few times on Youtube. It is definitely a good game to kill some time. But what is the final goal of this game? Can you actually beat the game?

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