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  1. Right, I'll check out the links. I don't really have a favourite god so far. I can play 3 gods in each role except guardian, so I guess I learned something atleast. I have only played 2 pvp games with premades so far, because I am too scared of the randoms being toxic My in game name is SpecialGamer
  2. Hello guys, I go by the name SpecialGamer. I am 18 years old and I speak english fluently. My timezone is GMT +1. I've registered here, because I would like to find some mates to play smite with. I've started playing smite a few days ago. I have been playing league of legends for a few years, so I am not entirely new to the moba gendre. Also, I do have a microphone and I am ready to download any voicechatting program people use here. I am hoping to meet some people soon SpecialGamer on Smite EU

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