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    Jordan Lee
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    MiNiOoN mCfLuRy
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    TitanFall (#1), Call Of Duty, HALO, GTA and Minecraft XBOX / PE / PC
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    SPAM, Mac Donalds
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    FROZEN, Brave Heart, Pearl harbour (WWII Films)
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    Dubstep, R`n`B,
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    Obversely one of my intrests are XBOX and i have been into games for many years now and have started playing them at the time Halo: Combat Evolved was released on PC
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  3. GG to @natusvincere and @TeamEnVyUs - Close game and thought #Navi could bring it back - But well dont guy and GG @EnVy_kennyS For the MVP

  4. 7 new followers in the last week and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it https://t.co/jQKqZUY6nD

  5. @FRANKIEonPC Cant wait for EP.3 of Arma3 Exile ... Wonder if the HUMV Guys will be back for revenge #HUMVGuyOutForFrankie

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  8. RT @HKesvani: No joke today my dad started charging for plastic bags and one of his customers blamed it on refugees

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  10. Call Of Duty Clan is now OPEN

  11. What is your competitive gaming background?My competitive background is that I do play some Hunger Games Survivals, PvP and some building challenges. How long have you been playing or competing in this game? ​I have been playing this from about one month after release which is May 2012 and have been playing it most of the time since. What is the community site for this game? http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/220-minecraft-xbox-360-edition/ What are the average stream viewers on TwitchTV? 1,000 Does this game have developer support with necessary features such as LAN or spectator mode? No Describe the community for this game in three words. Enjoy-mental, Uncompleteable, Family-Friendly Does this game have any support from major, local or online tournaments? Some tournaments are done by the community but no major prizes (I.E Money) only like shoutouts and leader board rankings What other teams or organizations support this title? The Tech Game
  12. Well i say You have some very descent games but out of them i only Play Ghost (X1 X360) TitanFall and LoL and mabye hearthstone soon If you want to add me my gamertag is MiNiOoN mCfLuRy
  13. Love to And What what on Call Of Duty Ghost
  14. Its been going great and i have been playing with pretzl but hes away at the moment so havent played recently
  15. Gaming on PC today for me

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