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  1. Helios12787


    I wish you well Apoc. Sorry things couldn't be handled better to cultivate a more productive setup for PvP lately. If you ever wanna talk and/or shoot shit feel free to hop on mumble and chill. Good luck with your PvP endeavors in Wildstar and any future game you end up playing.
  2. Can't deny the soulless one. Even if he has no soul, he's obviously got a head on his shoulders that's functioning properly.
  3. I know anytime I've ever queued for things I always queue for server only specifically to recruit if possible. Between that and while I was leveling I brought about 5 people into the guild (nobok / macjay and his crew that have since stopped playing). We officers, when we are available are almost ALWAYS in mumble as Lincars said. Bout the only person who has ever asked me to run anything has been Papasiege because he's basically the main person setting up groups as of late due to his high activity level and group leadership skills. I can't remember the last time that anyone else has come into a channel and asked anyone to do anything. In terms of the progression: When we set up the group nights, we have allowed for each group to set their own schedules. We aren't holding anyone to a specific "attunement night" like the previously failed PvE progression night. Do you really think the leadership members of this guild would purposely skip out on a night WE designated as a PvE night ??? I mean come on, if that is honestly what your / others opinion are of the officers / me then we have an underlying problem here. We are trying to push vVv as a WHOLE into raiding but it has been made very clear by people who have been carrying others through that a decent portion of the active members aren't where they need to be in terms of mechanics / skill and even with help they haven't improved. You may not see this but at the moment we are tallying a very short list of people we feel are worthy / ready for raids. Where we go from there is being discussed, but I can tell you now that people who aren't learning / improving on mediocre gameplay won't find a spot come raid time if we have a person to replace them.
  4. The trend of people just not logging on has been happening for months pointblank. The only time we've had a spike in attendance levels was after the preset group forming meeting and for the most part it has been more successful than previous iterations of PvE plans. Not saying it has been perfect because it obviously hasn't, and never will until people put a trust in Wildstar as a game that will be around for the long haul. Every patch we also lose more and more players due to patches that break more things than they fix. This will continue to be an issue until people feel that Carbine is moving in the right direction with the game. In terms of the officers and I, there's a few things to discuss here. A) I've been working 70+ hours a week the past week and a half and it is all I can do to logon to mumble to check in on a nightly basis until things settle down here in Athens. But i ALWAYS check in, and I deal with issues on a nightly basis of situations similar to this as well as other issues(mainly brought up in a private manner so nobody really notices). B ) In terms of the officers, I know the majority of the people who have been pushing for PvE for the longest are seeing whether "you guys (meaning the majority of the guild)" are going to put forth the effort with attunements without getting carried through, to see if we even have enough "hardcore raiding" (in reality not just in a person's mind) type players to form a full raid group as we move forward. Frankly we've been discussing it for quite some while now and I'm sure you've noticed it in the runs you've done, but there are a lot of people that need HUGE increases in their class knowledge, mechanics, and activity to even think of getting a spot in the raid. C) I appreciate you, nyshade, papasiege (REALLY admire) and a few others for what you've been doing as of late to help the guild attune. Thing you've got to understand point is these "power players" you speak of have been doing what you are doing now for MONTHS. If it weren't for us caring about vVv as a guild or as a community good portion of the power players likely would have moved on to other games given the amount of time we've poured into the guild and the amount of people who've just bailed / went AWOL after we invested time in them. D) We're all here trying to make vVv Wildstar a success. If there's things that you think need to happen, people that are slacking, issues that pertain to the guild, all i ask is that you let me or an officer know so we can discuss what's going on behind the scenes / situations people may not know about. It has been stated in almost EVERY guild meeting that matters should be attempted to be handled in private if possible then work your way up the chain of command. This is the 2nd time in a week and a half that the first I hear of people having issues with how I do things / how the guild is doing on the forums and it gets frustrating. If it is something directly related to me as a GM then by all means go to my higher ups in a PM or in a private mumble session to discuss what issues you may have with me. Otherwise topics such as these are along the same lines of going into a crowded movie theater and screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! E) People might wonder why we're not as heavy in mass recruitment as they want us to be and just know that we are working on it. Our main issue right now is trying to persuade GOOD players who are going to stick around in to vVv when we as a GUILD have nothing to tangibly show them. Our main selling point is vVv as a community, and if they come on to this forum and see topics such as these, what would a person want to come here for? Knowing that there's only "7 active members" pushing for progression and such. But I'm also not the kind of person who's just going to try and sweep topics like this / issues like this under the rug to make the guild look better. I do however wish that I could handle things like this in a "private" forum consisting of nothing but guildies to discuss all concerns without bringing the rest of the world into it so I'm not battling two beasts at once (1 being the issue itself, and 2 being the issues/public outcry that results).
  5. You should make a guide and post it up for all the other medics to see
  6. I feel your pains with moving dissent, been in the middle of the same for the last week as well. In terms of your issues with your group, I know Papasiege has been filling in for a lot of side groups to try and help get people attuned with some of the "harder" dungeons while their groups aren't on so we can keep the progression moving steadily forward and he has a vast amount of knowledge to give in dungeons that will cause people issues in progression. With regards to the communication with your group, I can have Papasiege make a thread on here like some of the other group leaders have to find out availability / set up a schedule for the group. You can also do this if you wish to take the initiative in getting things organized with your group as well. We never want anyone to feel left out or passed over but we also want people to show the initiative in helping out other groups and forming side groups when they can. I haven't been on much due to my move to see which groups seem to be running more side groups than their actual groups, but it all comes down to communication between the group members. If there is some issue in regards to getting your group set up on a specific schedule or a schedule you feel is adequate we can take a look from there and figure out if any rotations / changes need to be made as well.
  7. Helios12787

    Group 4

    K guys I am back with internet and ready to push through this. Will be getting with everyone soon to figure out a schedule that best fits our availabilities
  8. I am looking for an officer to be the representative to the weekly staff meetings since I will never be able to attend due to my work schedule. The meetings are at Sunday at 4 pm est. If anyone is interested and willing to help me out here I'd appreciate it.
  9. Yea I really haven't looked into the perks and stuff at all. I should be getting my net hooked up tomorrow night so should be back soon.
  10. I would hope that our pvp aspect continues to push. It might be a bit tricky to begin with figuring out the rough schedules of the pve groups but I'm sure time can be made to keep pvp a vital 2nd half of the guild
  11. Couldn't help it. Tis just too perfect
  12. Helios12787

    Group 4

    Hello members of Group 4. I'll be leading you guys through the rest of your attunement progression. Gonna gather a little bit of information to start us off so we can get things rolling ASAP Group 4: Tank: Crywolf Healer: Ecchigo DPS: Helios, SlyFX, Filler player Attunement Progress: I'm currently 75% done with the dungeon phase and only need SSM. Gear: I'm sitting at 2706 AP unbuffed and pull around 5.3-5.5k dps on a dummy Availability: Won't be on much for about the next 3-6 days since I'm moving but I'm usually available after 8PM EST nightly until around midnight.
  13. sooooooo ANY time i survive a fight would count right??
  14. Here is the long awaited solution we've come up with to get this guild on track with PvE progression. Listed below is each group that will be pushing for their respective attunement quests (whether that be rep, adventures, dungeons, etc.). I ask that you read this entire post before scrolling down to look at the groups. If your name isn't listed here don't panic. Due to limited amounts of tanks / excess amounts of healers we set up as many full groups as we could to being the process of attunement progression. If you aren't listed below it can be for a variety of reasons: 1) You didn't show up to the meeting / didn't know about the meeting yesterday 2) We are unsure of your intentions / aspirations for PvE / Raiding 3) We simply had a hard time finding an official spot for you given our current personnel situation 4) We've worked out a separate deal with an individual to help with their attunement. These WILL NOT be the only groups that are formed. We will be trying our best to keep every person not listed on here at the same level in terms of progression / gearing as the official groups. This will be done by officers / group leaders taking on extra group responsibilities and filling spots in extra groups during their off-time. If you aren't listed below we ask that you post all relevant information about yourself so that we can figure out how to best place you for attunement progression. Please list your class, role, key stats, availability, and if you are open / able to play a different spec to help further your progression. For those that are listed in a group: 1) Get together with your group leader to discuss scheduling / where you stand on your attunement 2) Get your gear up to snuff. We have a great deal of crafters available for all your needs. USE THEM 3) DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! I can't stress this enough. If you go into these groups with no knowledge of fights, we will take note of it for the future. Watch videos, read guides, ASK QUESTIONS. Anything you can do to aid in your group's success. 4) If you are listed in a role that you do not want to be in / can't be in, let us know. We tried to place people in their preferred roles, but we had to place some players into offspec roles / roles they have little playtime on. It isn't ideal but we are going to try and aid each person in getting ready both gear wise / information wise so that each group can succeed. Group 1 Tank: RahRah, Engi (leader) Healer: DrChimera, Medic DPS: Filler (????) DPS: twibird, SS DPS: Hexanol, SS Group 2 Tank: LinCars, Stalker (leader) Healer: PointBlank, Medic DPS: Succubusty, SS DPS: MariMakinami, Engi DPS: Daylyte, SS Group 3 Tank: Grimm, Engi Healer: Dissent, Medic DPS: PapaSiege, War (leader) DPS: Khaela, Esper DPS: Nyshade, War Group 4 Tank: Crywolf, Warrior Healer: Ecchigo. SS DPS: Heelios, SS (Leader) DPS: SlyFX, War DPS: Filler (Chounji on Esper) Group 5 Tank: Chounji, Engi (leader) Healer: Roxxanna, Esper DPS: Saiku, Stalker DPS: Viral, War DPS: Triv, SS Group 6 Tank: Zapf, Engi Healer: Hellany, Medic DPS: RangoguyGreg, Stalker DPS: Cohas, SS DPS: Beepboop, Engi If anyone has any questions feel free to message me in-game / talk to me on mumble. My availability over the next 5 or so days will be sporadic as I'm in the process of moving, but if I'm here I'll be happy to field all questions / concerns. If I am not available any of the officers will be available to help you.
  15. Revised Groups: Group 1 Tank: RahRah, Engi (leader) Healer: DrChimera, Medic DPS: Filler (????) DPS: twibird, SS DPS: Hexanol, SS Group 2 Tank: LinCars, Stalker (leader) Healer: PointBlank, Medic DPS: Succubusty, SS DPS: MariMakinami, Engi DPS: Daylyte, SS Group 3 Tank: Grimm, Engi Healer: Dissent, Medic DPS: PapaSiege, War (leader) DPS: Khaela, Esper DPS: Nyshade, War Group 4 Tank: Crywolf, Warrior Healer: Ecchigo. SS DPS: Heelios, SS (Leader) DPS: SlyFX, War DPS: Filler (Chounji on Esper) Group 5 Tank: Chounji, Engi (leader) Healer: Roxxanna, Esper DPS: Saiku, Stalker DPS: Viral, War DPS: Triv, SS Group 6 Tank: Zapf, Engi Healer: Hellany, Medic DPS: RangoguyGreg, Stalker DPS: Cohas, SS DPS: Beepboop, Engi

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