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  1. Thanks lol I really appreciate it! I just wish things could work out faster so that I can get my X1 and become a part of the community a lot faster and game with everybody and get to my MLG dream. hahaha
  2. Hey! They are doing great, thanks for asking. vVv is awesome and everything I expected in a community and then some.
  3. + = SugarBears Right I will remember that from now on lol
  4. Okay yes sir , that makes sense. Like I have said, I hope to betting an X1 sometime withing the next month or so but I am not certain.
  5. I should have the xbox one within the next month or so. and if could I still participate in the community if my app is closed?
  6. I'm hoping to get it within the next month or so.
  7. Thanks dude lol I was wondering when you were going to comment on it haha. And I am doing farely well if I may say so myself. definitely after lets see. I'd say 3 or 4 years!!!!
  8. I most definitely am. But I am also hindered from getting where I want to go
  9. lol I am trying to stay active and gaming and forums is pretty much my life so this is what I do all day everyday. thanks.
  10. Lets do some gaming!!!!!!!!!

  11. YEAH!!!!! Thanks. I wasn't expecting him to actually look at it lol. you should join the channel I am usually in lol they are really fun will do!! Thanks Thank you sir. I hope I am able to become apart of this great gaming community.
  12. online and gaming!!!!!!!! wanna join?

  13. Wanting to game it up with some vVv gamer or applicants. unfortunately only have 360 for now. Message me if you want to play.

  14. alright will do. just let me know when you will be on so we can play a match or two.

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