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  1. I take this moment to close my app and to thank all the time and effort people that tried to help put into.
  2. But I toth dat u were sayin' all dem snap+suffixes Ma b xD
  3. Ok, got it Personally, since the first time we met, back in the day, and now, I feel that you matured as a player and don't rage as much as you used to... but then again, Smite makes you grow and might aswell and learn with the mistakes than just blame others (it's ok to blame lag, tho... always blame lag xD). Also, asked about the KFC because I we barely have those here in Portugal (I think there are only 2 lol) and I'm always curious if all people in America like it (and we do know Kiesha does) >.> We have a bunch of McDonalds tho ahah
  4. @Grits Or if you want some tough love, we can always do some pre-mades together on our main accounts @Snap *suffixes; *supposed. Don't you love when people do the same thing to you? Also, I was expecting a better follow up than "sorry for bothering you." It seems so vague :s This may help! Anyways, I was expecting better feedback on how Killshift controls his tilt xD @Killshift How do you feel that your way of controlling your Kish-tilts impacts your game? You think its effective enough to allow you to keep playing while under pression? Can you improve your vision towards the game, in such way that, when you make mistakes, you understand why that just happened before (almost) tilt? You think that your personality interferes more with your tilting than you making mistakes in-game? Do you like Kentucky Fried Chicken?
  5. Cadu2204

    Toke's Smite Showcase

    ahahah Ataraxia's theme song xD
  6. Well, in my point of view, the good thing about Smite is, the game itself has a theme. Our theme is Mythology and our idea was to name rooms after Pantheons, to make things easy and simple for the customer, being it the first or the fifth time that they came in. So why name the channel "Burger King" if it can be called "Hindu" or "Greek" or "Roman" and people know what we are talking about? Also, taking in mind the consumers' experience, how do you come up with themes that please everyone? Is there any poll or is just staff that comes up with a theme for that ADL and everyone "has to take it"? In Smite, I'm pretty sure, everyone likes gods and if we have that in our favor, why not taking advantage out of it? Insinuating we are lazy is uncalled for, specially just because we have different views. We actually know what our members want and are waiting for us to do, that's why we put the poll here, so everyone can see that, when the officers say, "our members might not find this imperative or our priority" we actually mean it and know what's going on inside our community. Don't take me wrong Viva, I loved your intro. Very creative and funny. But I feel that we don't need that to captivate our members and I'm 100% sure that what's making people coming back is the tournment experience itself rather than the intro. If you are telling me, people are coming back to hear a 3 minute intro, that, according to you, takes 1 hour to do, rather than coming back to play with competitive and skilled people, we are doing something wrong. Personally, I want people to associate Smite, vVv and SADL as a competitive and serious event where they can have fun, sure, but playing with awesome people. If, in the future, our members want themes, we will do it, but now, it's not want our community wants.
  7. Yeah, guys, don't click on that icon... I beg you xD #KieshaTrollingOP
  8. Lol it seems you rotated a lot and helped your team. The rest of your teammates are not behind at all, so I would be happy with a game like this in ranked xD It would be no fun, having that score and losing the game
  9. Just an heads up. The Pre-made format, would be established teams vs established teams, trough the Custom Game mode. I don't think you understood that part Other than that, thanks for the summary
  10. ^ The men with the knowledge assemble lol Thanks for your help guys @Silverspoon Any time you see me or Luda in the mumble or online in the clan chat, just send us a message and I'm sure we can figure some time to help you out
  11. I picked every option, except those that are directed only towards our community. As I expect and want growth, every event that is open to all Smite community is something that I want to see hosted by us. It being 3v3 or 5v5 would only depend on the amount of people we could gather. A competition is a competition and for me the game mode doesn't really matter The scrim nights is something that also I'm really looking forward to see. Saying "Hey, these are our teams, come and have practice with us" and have some feedback from the outside and see what we are actually worth against other teams... I just can't put it into words! ahah Would really appreciate something like this!
  12. @Toke I talked with you already and can't wait to start helping you @ Sugarbear Well, I'm not opposed to that idea, at all. It depends on feedback from people. I just revived this thread because Killshift, Sylence and I were talking, and something like this popped up during the conversation. We had the thread already and at the time it generated quite some interest, so why not see if there is room for this at this point? Also, I want to be sure that, when someone comes in here and asks for help, that person gets the best information he can found and has help applying it in-game. It's not mandatory or anything. You just need to be responsible enough to commit with someone that offered his/her help to you and respect those hours that that person is willing to spend with you, trying to make you a better player. If the majority of us thinks that this is a "little too much", then we just start a "Hey, I need help!" thread like you suggested
  13. Ok so the team right now is this one: Team Name: (To be determined) Players/Role: Cadu2204/Mid Positions Needed: Jungler/ Support Active Times: To be decided with team members so everyone ends with a nice schedule IGN: Snapdiggitydag Roles: Solo Play Time: a bit sporadic at the moment, but I can put a time together at people convenience! IGN: Minjaaa Pref. Roles: ADC Mastery Level: 64 Play Time: M-F 6pm-10pm. Weekends are generally free all day. We still need a JUNGLER and a SUPPORT. We will start testing people soon. So if you are interested, send me a message trough vVv forums or in-game to Cadu2204 when you see me online!
  14. @Sugarbear I understood what you tried to say the first time, don't worry about it Well, we can always do more and do better right? But, right now, I feel that people are starting to enjoy using our forums. Toke and Killshift have been sharing entertaining content everyday, Snap is working on his Encyclopedia, Sylence and I try to keep the patch notes and all the updates related to Smite shared in here, Luda is doing his Sylvanus and Hades guide... so, as you can see, we have some stuff going on and people are replying to all this and generating discussion I expect that, after this small break that Smite took in the Pro season, we will have posts about the pro season games and discuss about what pros did and probably shouldn't have done, discuss their builds, etc... and we will have another way of sharing thoughts and learning together.

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