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    LinCars got a reaction from PapaSiege in hate to be the 1st to say this   
    Well my last post was posted before I noticed your newest one. I have a few more questions.

    You called out officers for leveling alts or playing smite, I'll just assume you where taking about me. Where was I when I was doing these activities? I was in mumble. I have always stopped leveling my alt to help out guild runs. Ask Tats about his silver SC run. Here did not even ask me, but I volunteered myself and got papa to go. Every silver run, except one, I have done in the past month was too help get guildies attunded. Have you asked me in mumble to do a run since I started playing smite on the side? There is a reason why we are in the wildstar channel and not the smite channel?

    What would you change in the way it is run? You asked for officers to step down, what would do you want the new ones to do differently.

    There is a LFG type system, and that has been a idea brought up as a recruitment tool. We are in the process of making a recruitment video, I think the video + 4 man groups would be a strong push for recruitment.

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