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  1. 2014 WAS the year for CS:GO Steam stats Month Avg players Peak Players November 2013 29,890.5 92,279 November 2014 147,329.1 348,018 3 majors and a $250,000 prize pot for each. VP EMS One Katowice winners 2-0 vs NiP NIP ESL One Cologne winners 2-1 vs Fnatic LDLC DHW14 winners 2-1 vs NiP Twitch had 500k watching the final match in DHW14 After putting more then 400+ hours into this game. I can easily say this is a great game, with lots of room for even more growth. It's tactical, very skill based, and you need a good teamwork.
  2. This is not an exploit. You should really change the tittle. If you kill the end boss with less than three mins left, you will only advance one level. Not very fun to AFK for 10+ mins.
  3. Got a current group of 8+ people playing. 50+ paragon level so far. Doing great. If you see me in mumble, I am usually under wildstar, stop by and lets rift!
  4. Looking for someone to start a seasons with in iRacing with the Mazda Star cup. Here is an example of a race. If you looking for serious racing, hit me up!
  5. Anyone going to join this Tourny? I am thinking of doing it, just don't know what 3 decks I would brind. http://hearthstoneopen.com/sunshine/
  6. And remember this is the FIRST time they drank the blood. Not the second time to defeat Centarus in WC3. Also, so hyped, Lore was the main reason why I wanted to play WoW in the first place.
  7. Here's all my drops http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bloodaxe-1512/hero/45654544
  8. I think I am going to start up d3 with the seasons. Trying to get a few people to join in.
  9. LinCars

    Group 2

    No worries man! thanks for the heads up!
  10. So, officers where on all week, but one weekend we took a break from Wildstar, now the whole guild is burning? (I even explained why I was not going to be on)That explains the whole issue here. There are around eight active players. Not all of them PvE. The rest are semi active and semi motivated to play. As viva said, we had raid sign ups since week two of launch, we had a raid time where people where to get attuned. Let's face it, the game is on shaky ground, not just the guild. Either find a way to motive out current roster (tried that) or find more to replace people who are not motivated and want to succeed. I also see nothing wrong with an open discussion. I rather have people say their issue, and find a way to resolve it. This can always be removed after we fix the issue.
  11. Well my last post was posted before I noticed your newest one. I have a few more questions. You called out officers for leveling alts or playing smite, I'll just assume you where taking about me. Where was I when I was doing these activities? I was in mumble. I have always stopped leveling my alt to help out guild runs. Ask Tats about his silver SC run. Here did not even ask me, but I volunteered myself and got papa to go. Every silver run, except one, I have done in the past month was too help get guildies attunded. Have you asked me in mumble to do a run since I started playing smite on the side? There is a reason why we are in the wildstar channel and not the smite channel? What would you change in the way it is run? You asked for officers to step down, what would do you want the new ones to do differently. There is a LFG type system, and that has been a idea brought up as a recruitment tool. We are in the process of making a recruitment video, I think the video + 4 man groups would be a strong push for recruitment.
  12. This is a topic heelios and I have brought up a lot to each other. Our issue right now is not people leaving the guild (only two people have left in the past month) but people not wanting to play the game. I have personally tried to reach out to my group members who did not make it to our group set days. I have not heard anything back. So a question to you and who ever is reading this. What kind of environment would keep people active? How do we combat people's lack of interest in the game? On the side of recruiting, everytime I see someone in chat asking for a guild I talk to them, ask about their goals and try to do a run with them. I don't think mass recruitment is the way to go (spamming zone channels) if you guys see someone looking for a guild, send then a pm. Get to know then a little bit. We strive for a sense of community. We don't need an officer on too recruit someone.
  13. Just thought I would throw the idea's Dr Chimera and I talked about in a open forum for criticism. Wildstar Recruitment video Modular. Able to swap out segments based on guild needs, and updates Mimicking Dev Speak, or Starship Troopers Focus on hardcore players. Not a guild, but a community to foster better gamers. Community driven. Short, 60 to 90 seconds. Get people excited, and wanting to check out the vVv Website. Friendly and competitive. Timeline vVv Logo intro who we are, Mission statement Modular: what we need to recruit at the time Website outro, with joke? “go here to learn more” Recording needed. Vets PvP Guild together Steps. Write a script Record voice over, while doing a storyboard (non animated, pictures) Record video to fit the voice over. any edits, and finalise version
  14. I can do it for today. I would not be able to make ti every week.

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