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  1. If it makes you feel better, you only need to send one clip to them and they will reuse it for various shows, For example.
  2. Ty for the info Yui. This is funny, since I got demoted I've been rediscovering champs that I dunno why I stopped playing or I'm playing because they are fun to, champs like Amumu or Mundo Jungle, Draven, Ali, Blitz or Naut supp. And even though I'm not winning all, I can see an improvement (And Mundo jungle is actually fun now with that E)
  3. There is a new one, replay.gg online watch, you can now pick a game every 48 hours an ask them to convert and post it unlisted on youtube so only you and anyone you send the link to can watch it
  4. Yesterday after a huge losing streak, I got demoted to Silver 1. I used to play support and even though my lane would win, the others didn't (I'm not saying this as the typical whining of my team feeds, it was true, one game I even had the most damage dealt as support by 10k, and of course there were one or two games where I would just feed myself and play bad, but that was not the majority). After resting for a few hours I decided to go for another game, I said screw it and went to the jungle, a role I haven't mained since the start of season 5. Deciding to go with Diana, I finally win a match and even bought Ekko to jungle because I played him when he was free and felt good with his kit. Now I need help, with Diana I want to know. Which is the best way to secure the landing of your Q and how or when to dive their team? I went with Runeglaive, Nashor, Zhonyas and was going to build Ludens. With Ekko I want to know which is the best item path? I've seen both ap ekko jungle and tank ekko jungle. Which is the best to take for which situation?. I'd appreciate any help.
  5. After descending to Gold 5, I haven't been able to have a consitant good history, I know sometimes I feed, and that happens, but most of the times I can't even do anything, as any kind of support, may it be damage or normal, I don't know what to do anymore really, and its getting me tired of the game slowly. This was from my last match, played Lux support and holy... I can't believe the damage difference, talon would just run in and get killed by their team, fed ahri 6 kills before she started to roam. Gnar fed Fiora immensely and Vi was ganking everyone (though she never got a kill on bot thankfully). Sadly a win for me became a rare thing and it makes me get tired of the game. Any feedback would be accepted
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/3jluyc/current_low_winrate_heroes_analysis_and_fixes/ I think I'm buying Zagara now... well, unless you guys can tell me if Diablo is not really as bad as he's pictured here
  7. I just realized this post exists! lol my id is Falcodile#1522 if anyone is interested, I love assassins mostly
  8. I've been playing it basically since it came out on steam, but just until yesterday, when I managed to fix my pc, I think I started to play for real, even though I'm lvl 7, I feel like a lvl 1 lol
  9. I'm loving this game, its awesome for teamwork and its fun to play all around, its my first FPS in years in PC and I was wondering if anyone else plays this too.
  10. Sure, the fastest way is to just go get the video with youtube downloader, you can use it if you like to Kinda wanted to try poppy in the jungle, the diana got 7/2, I was 1/3 already, and well, I killed diana as I started to ult blitz and everything started to change
  11. decided to try Poppy jungle, was not dissapointed
  12. Hey guys, with the new Butcher Bay map on its way to live, Rito decided to do a special event for it, its either an ARAM on the new map, or in the new mode coming for the Rift with the mercenaries. The tournament would be brackets, single elimination and in one day. My question here is, would you like to participate in a one day tournament bracket style for this event? and if you do, which one would you like?
  13. I wanted some of the people opinion in this matter, wanted to know three things mainly Why would you use an off-meta pick (not saying only things that are not currently played, but also things completely out of the normal "standards" like jungle blitz or mid ashe, etc) When would you use a pick like that Any picks that you think are op at the moment? And a personal one, what would you think of azir support? lol I think he has a nice poke, engage, cc, disengage and damage

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