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  1. Duo que looking to #Sail2TwitchCon. http://t.co/hJDLL9cLYD @WorldofWarships @ESLWoWs

  2. We had a few more ideas, guys with earpieces was one, just came down to finding ppl with suits. . . I may or may not have had to go to a sex shop just to get those handcuffs. . . .No comment.
  3. Can you mask the words and reduce the opacity of the "fog" (not really sure what to call it) effect when its over them? Also is it possible, from the stream pov, to also put like Game Currently Loading. . . and Draft in Progress. I would add them in anyway so might as well just make two versions But looks smexy.
  4. We probably could do something like that if there was some reporting system. Currently we don't really know what games are over / who won etc. Google doc? But yea wirecast offers us some great options just not sure if it's worth the audio issue were getting now. We're going to be running some technical tests Sunday before to see if we can fix it. I think it may be a bandwith issue. But yea we could probably do something if we get the stats quickly enough.
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