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    I have an eclectic taste but am loving Paloma Faith and Florence and the Machine at the moment.
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    I enjoy trying speciality teas and coffees as well as making cocktails. You'll know something is wrong if I'm not drinking one of those ;)

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  1. In my limited experience the Canadian border control is more apathetic than the American counterparts. Regardless, I hope you get your computer sorted soon
  2. Hey everyone, I've recently moved (no longer homeless!) and I havent had my computer for over a week. I am unsure when I'll be back online properly but I'm hoping to get my things by March. I'll keep you informed UPDATE (27/02/2015): I still do not have all of my things. Im looking at April/May before I get settled now.
  3. Maniacal

    Worlds 2015

    Hi Everyone, since the Worlds will be hosted in Europe this year I suspect quite a few of you may be visiting my continent in October. If you are interested in coming to Europe please say so in the comments below. For the people who are interested I would be happy to help organise accommodation/ trip planning and advice for the event. If, by some miracle; the final is held in the UK, I would be happy to have a couple people stay at my place (numbers depend on if I get my own place/ houses-hare etc). If a lot of the action is in/around West Germany then we can rent a villa or chalet and would probably cost about 100€-140€ for the whole event depending on the number of people going. It is more likely that it will be in mainland Europe due to ease of travel and silly UK visa rules but we'll see what happens. I will be happy to help anyone who is interested in going to Worlds by giving advice to get people the best deal/ cheapest accommodation possible. Flights (checked 22nd Jan) should be between 1000$ and 1300$ however is subject to change. I will also make another topic when the hosting countries and cities are announced and I know who's interested. Kind regards, vVv Maniacal
  4. Sounds fun! Good luck with your tabletop adventure. I played the castle Ravenloft board game, all I can say is that there are some fun monsters hanging around . Nice costume, I could tell you were the rogue straight away! Please keep us updated on your sessions, it would be interesting to get more pictures as your story progresses; like a visual narration of where you are and what's happened to accompany your blog posts .
  5. Interesting, well I guess I'll have a look then
  6. I got Spectacular Sivir. I guess I should give her a proper go now huh?
  7. Maniacal

    Insomnia 54

    I'm debating whether I should go. It mostly depends on if I can save for the accommodation costs.
  8. Hi there, Good luck with your application. I know it's a bit far from you, but have you played in the Gloucestershire area at all?. P.S. I am the token British guy and "town drunk" I look forward to meeting you and playing some games soon. Kind regards, vVv Maniacal
  9. Abthorpe is a fun guy who seems serious about wanting to improve at LoL. He is fun to talk to and enjoyable to play games with. I am impressed by the amount of activities you are into, would you have any sketches you would be willing to show us? Good luck with your application
  10. It seems odd to describe how I feel about Flaming as we all know him so well by now. He's a fun guy who I enjoy playing games with, enough said . Goodluck with your application Flaming!
  11. Hey TruFlare, I wish you all the best with your application, after reading through the discussions on your app and playing with you online I'm sure you will get your interview (Apart from the troll thing...don't accept this guy ). Sorry this is a little late, see you on mumble. Kind regards, vVv Maniacal
  12. I wish you all the luck with your SSB endeavours! Come and play some LoL soon...we'll miss you T^T
  13. Maniacal

    iPhaNaTix App

    I haven't played with him much but after speaking a bit he seems like a nice guy, and the more Brits the better! Good luck with your application, we should play some time
  14. Update: Looks like it's working again but who knows if it will last. Sorry for the late update as I wasn't on for about a week before I could get a moment on the internet as my phone had a meltdown too (It never rains but it pours)! P.S. Viva that is so cute and yet so sad! Don't worry I'm back honey x
  15. Hey guys, My computer isn't connecting to the internet so I will be unable to come online. My internet problems started a couple of weeks ago but now I can't connect at all, as soon as I can fix it I'll be back on to miss all the Morgana Qs . Kind regards, vVv Maniacal

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