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  1. league wins counted for me o.o
  2. DriveBy

    5v5 Tournies

    When you fools going to start doing some 5v5 amateur tournies >_> best start early while you can.
  3. When Shor jungles, we win
  4. I play any role, but I guess main is ADC. I can switch if need be though
  5. DriveBy


    Hi mike, you can carry me to victory in smite . Nice to meet you
  6. Was just playing the 7 to get the gems quickly since it doesn't count for you statiscially. If he wasn't so BM, wouldn't have did that lol...
  7. I did my 7 matches today, someone made a post about me on the forums.
  8. DriveBy


    Good games that night. That last game went on for awhile, Loki <3. What's a good program to use to record a small clip off a smite game? VVV has some great players in the clan, what's the plan so far when it comes to a competitive team? Also, the reason why I haven't joined the invite is cause I like the clan tag I have Minjaa. Hope you're straight with that.
  9. DriveBy


    It was cause I use skype when I play sometimes, I never used Mumble before :s. I'll add everyone in about 20 mins. Going to look into how to work this program now lol...also my IGN is bizznessonly btw.
  10. DriveBy


    Saw Minjaa's post on the smiteforums. I've been thinking about picking this game up competitively since there is alot of growth incoming in the future for smite, and it looks like you are trying to create a team yourself. I have a friend that plays with me, we know how to play all the roles. I normally main ADC though and he does support/mid. I saw that you use mumble....is there a way i can avoid having to download that lol. I'll throw you an add minj and talk about it more later on I guess. Nice site btw!

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