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  1. Hey guys! First off, thank you Aeroglow for posting on my behalf and for lending me a temporary keyboard. Secondly, Aeroglow is correct in the fact that this past week I have had almost no time to even be on my computer!! That is all aside now and I should be able to be a lot more present and I look forward to doing so! Thanks guys for being understanding and I look to get in some games and some good talks with yall!
  2. Hey guys! It is awesome to see vVv branching out and getting settled into yet another game! For those of you who are on the team what are your favorite classes to play when you are just out for fun and what card combos have you personally used that are "omfg leet hax unbeatable op" in a trolly kind of way? I'd love to hear what kind of fun stuff you guys have seen or used!!
  3. Name: Brandon Choquette Age: 22 Location: Omaha, Nebraska Summoner Name:Taste The Truth What is your current division in Ranked? I am currently Gold IV (Ashe's Fists!!!!) How long have you been playing ranked? I have played ranked since season 1 (where I was a whopping 680 elo at one point!!) What rank were you at the start of last season? I think at the start of last season I was silver 5 What rank were you at the end of last season? Gold 5 Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why? While still living at home (with my parents) during a summer from college I accumulated enough "leaver" points to get a 24 hour suspension. This was truly because I have one of those moms that doesn't get you cannot just walk away from an online game!!!! Other than that I have not been banned!!!! What is your favorite champion and role? Why? Zed and Renekton share a special place in my heart. I absolutely love champions like both of these gents that you can fully appear to be in a crappy situation and 'bait' the enemy into coming right at you and then going all out with both of their ults to simply outplay your enemy. IT FEELS SO GOOD (not to say that sometimes you don't just get stomped when trying ) How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? vVv Aeroglow (who just got his letters GRATS MAN) Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? Currently I only know vVv Aeroglow. He has been my best friend for 4 years and is currently my roommate. I look forward to meeting many more people (mumble is currently downloading and I'll be on ASAP) Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? For me this game and every other game I have played is so much more fun when you have some other people who are just there to have fun. I love being in a place where people don't judge and you can be goofy and light-hearted while still trying to accomplish a goal like taking down a nexus! I have seen the fun people have in this community and would love to become a part of it! What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I am notorious for going on huge Netflix binges. I also read Science Fiction (R.A. Salvatore is on a whole new level of authors) other than that I am usually at work or just relaxing with friends. Do you have competitive tournament experience? I have played in a few xbox tournaments, as well as I was on a casual collegiate team that competed in the collegiate series. We did not do very well, but I had a blast participating, practicing, and really learning how impact full 5 people cooperating could be. Have you attended any national events? I attended Season 2 League Worlds!! Feel free to ask about it!! I got to meet my idol Alex Ich and I have a few pictures with him, Amumu, and ColbyCheeze What do you hope to achieve competitively this season? My first hope is simply to improve my personal skill and through that go up in rankings. If I can accomplish that then I would be interested in buckling down and joining a team Are you interested in finding a ranked 5s team to play on? I would definitely play on a team if the proper opportunity presented itself! What level of seriousness are you looking for (semi-serious, serious, or professional aspirations)? I would say semi-serious to serious depending on the situation of the team What are your goals for playing on a ranked team? I love being part of a cohesive group and if 4 players could come together with me and buckle down, learn each others' play styles and start to think as 1 unit that would be my ideal situation (even if it does not lead to wins, I think that cohesion is worth it!!) When are you generally available to practice, and how many nights per week are you looking to practice with a team? As of right now I am available every night after 5pm Central Time. I would like to say I could dedicate 2 or 3 nights to scheduled practice, but could be available for more impromptu stuff if the team in online. Do you have any interest in shot calling, analysis, or being a team captain? To be perfectly honest, my mind is always moving in a game but I am not the best at always vocalizing the thoughts that run through my head. I can react to shots called, but I think someone else could fill that role better than I could.

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