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  1. good luck on the app and GG so for
  2. I didn't know you where a member already hopefully they let back good luck
  3. good luck to ya good games the other night
  4. damn you finally did it
  5. welcome im always on titanfall invite me well play
  6. im working on my app to good luck im down to play anytime add me
  7. Thanks for the replies. ya sugarbear very fun good players vVv vall good playing with you last night you too vVv bodyrotx I did everything on the profile. sorry I do not have no facebook or twitter.vVv deadblow inwish I could but is was probably just a search and destroy 1v5 and clutched it and the worst was search and destroy no kills but I have not played competitive or tourney so not to exciting. thanks for the welcome vVv axios
  8. Name: Jake Age: 27 Location: Rockford il Xbl gamertag: GAME815OVER how did you hear about vvv gaming? Found on google Who do you know currently in vvv gaming: no one Why are you interested in joining vvv gaming? to take my gaming to the next level and be part of a great community and meet new people What are your hobbies and interest outside of gaming:basketball,football, and riding atv's What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have: none never competed Have you attended any major tournaments: not yet How often do you participate in online tournaments: I havnt Do you prefer pickups/team scrims or matchmaking? team scrims Y strategy and tactics and to learn how teammates play Do you watch replays and/or pro player streams/ not really who is your favorite titanfall streamer? no one at the moment what was your best competitive moment? probably a call of duty clutch Worst playing a game without any kills What do you hope to achieve competively in the next six months? To be on a great team with a couple of wins and tournament play Are you interested in finding a premade team to play on? It really don't matter either way What level of seriousness are you looking for professional aspirations What are your goals for playing on a premade team? to learn,help and make it to the next level When are you generally available to practice,and how many nights per week are you looking to practice with a team?available anytime amd as many nights as possible Do you have any interest shot calling,analysis, or being a team captian? Not right away but after I I know some people and play maybe in the future
  9. Nice words and a great statement
  10. anyone on titanfall xb1 invite me

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