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  1. Ok I'll be on tonight , sorry I wasn't on last night was really tired and passed out at like 8
  2. DayLyte

    Group 2

    How far along in attunment are you guys? I'm 0/4 What is your gear like? I am dungeon blues. I have a couple Epics, Mostly blues, runed somewhat. I was focusing on healing main spec as healers were low in numbers then. What kind of times are you available? I am available mon wed fri 5:30 PM EST until whenever Tues and Thurs about 7:30 PM EST until whenever and saturdays and sundays I am free all day most weekends
  3. Group 1 Tank: RahRah, Engi (leader) Healer: DrChimera, Medic DPS: Rangoguygreg, Stalker DPS: twibird, SS DPS: Hexanol, SS Group 2 Tank: LinCars, Stalker (leader) Healer: PointBlank, Medic DPS: Succubusty, SS DPS: MariMakinami, Engi DPS: Cohas Group 3 Tank: Grimm, Engi Healer: Tatsuota, Medic DPS: PapaSiege, War (leader) DPS: Khaela, Esper DPS: Nyshade, War Group 4 Tank: Crywolf, Warrior Healer: Ecchigo. SS DPS: Heelios, SS (Leader) DPS: Hellany DPS DPS: Zapf, Engi Group 5 Tank: Chounji, Engi (leader) Healer: Roxxanna, Esper DPS: Saiku, Stalker DPS: Viral, War DPS: Triv, SS Group 6: Tank: SlyFx, War Healer: Dissent, Medic DPS: DayLyte, SS DPS: Bunami, Medic DPS: BeepBoop, Engi Here's a revised version which includes everyone. I know Cohas just hit 50, but I put him into a group that should be more then able to compensate for that. I also switched Sly to tank in group 6 as he stated he was working on a tanking set weeks ago. I moved to DPS to compensate as well. Bunami will have to DPS for the time being, and I put Hellany in as DPS as well, but if he only has healing gear maybe Ecchigo can DPS for dungeons?
  4. We took count on who would be willing to DPS as well, those people could easily be made DPS.
  5. Me? I just need dungeons, haven't been able to find a group every time I get on though so i've been trying to pug them to no avail.
  6. Lol, interesting choices i guess. Goodluck with it
  7. http://news.playpark.com/en/20901 Beta Codessssssss
  8. You shall be missed, but we will excel in your absence! Have a great time man, super jealous of you!
  9. DayLyte

    Raid Composition

    Updated to sort by class!
  10. DayLyte

    Raid Composition

    Well the bold letters won't save, but you get the idea.

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