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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv DulceArma in CHOP LIST APRIL '20   
    I agree with @vVv Saturn's message completely. Yes, its that Samona on the chopping block list and I'm not here to defend myself here as to why I shouldn't be there. I've been inactive and I will admit that. If there's a place for me here anymore ill get with the proper people and fix that but, as for now I want to address my feelings towards the Dismissal of Honorary members.
    I Completely Disagree With It.
    This saddens me when I see Honorary members being treated as if they have done nothing for the community. Everyone on that list has been a big contributor to the community and I think they deserve much much more than an Ultimatum like this.
    Honorary Member wasn't something you worked towards it was something you earned. Whether it was for outstanding performance in a Live Tournament Event or something that was ultimately just for us as a community. So I don't think a "Chopping List" With a couple of our previous Executives Commenting "Chop Chop" and "Good" in a public manner the way they have is very "Community" like. When these people where the ones to help you build your community in the past and just have moved on to different things.
    Sorry if this comes off as rude but I get this same feeling from the Chopping List Message as well. There is a different way of doing things as @vVv Bagzli said in his earlier post that I agree more with then how this is being done currently.
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Saturn in CHOP LIST APRIL '20   
    I can't, and won't speak on behalf of anybody but myself (so I'm a little biased).
    In my experience of being a member, staff member, and now honorary member I have come to learn the long way of what defines each tier of member. @vVv B1zkit mentioned putting a definition for what makes an honorary member...honorary, so here's mine. Becoming an honorary member is truly the pinnacle of what defines this community. To become members, we have all undergone trials to prove we can belong to the pack, whether it be activity on these forums, (shoutout to) the shoutbox, whichever voice platform we have called home, various community game nights or tournaments, or just playing with other current members. When chosen, the ultimate test was the interview which has welcomed all of us to this family. The difference between members and staff members is small, and in theory should be non-existent. It is the duty of all members to uphold the standards set by the community, however, staff focus those efforts in one particular direction or role. Honorary members, in theory, embody the ultimate in characteristics reflected by the community as a whole having left their energy, passion, and accomplishment back into the community that originally gave them that opportunity. Many of them leave for personal reasons and are required to step away for those reasons. Chopping honorary members, regardless of their inactivity, is a decision I disagree with entirely. By chopping these honorary members, it is disregarding whatever contribution they have made which is the platform by which we all enjoy the sense of family and belonging that has been created.
    To reiterate LordJerith's point: dialogue, in this scenario, is paramount. These members, all of them, have been in this family and have drifted away for reasons that are their own and 48 hours is an absurd amount of time to provide such an ultimatum. Throughout my involvement here: @vVv Bagzli is spot on and I believe his solution is at the very least a starting point in that dialogue.
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Exodus in Phryme Application   
    Perfect just wanted to make sure my friend! Make sure you get with NerdPrblms and set it up 🙂
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in Phryme Application   
    I was under the impression interviews were on hold until the 6th for the holidays. I've asked NerdPrblms on discord what times work
    I'll be gone for a few days for a work trip to Atlanta. Its the 9th to the 12th I believe. Otherwise I'm around most nights!
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from Hexticity in Phryme Application   
    Name: Will
      Age: 26
      Location: South Carolina
      Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/joeexotic3593/
      Battle.Net Tag: Phryme#1502
      What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) :
    Rocket League
      What are some other games that you currently play?
    Mostly Destiny 2, Call of Duty, Smite, Kerbal Space Program (which will soon be multiplayer. HIT. ME. UP.)
      How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?
    I was a member back in 2015, mostly playing CoD with Deadaim and Hudsonz. vVv Minjaaa let me know about a month ago about the discord and encouraged me to re-apply. I went on a personal, much-needed hiatus back in 2015 which is why I became inactive in the first place.
      Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them?
    Of the people with "Member" roles on discord, just Minjaaa. If vVv Hoagie = vVv Havik, I vaguely know him as well but he may not remember me. I know many of the honorary members from when I played in the past. Just looking at the list, Vall, Tahvvy, Shadow, and Zodyak are all people I played with back then.
      Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming?
    I haven't been a member of a dedicated community in quite a while. I used to play a major role in running a community tournament (the Amateur Draft League I think). It was a LOT of fun, it helped us grow, and it brought some of my fondest memories from gaming. We used the format for both Smite and Call of Duty. I miss it, and would love to take any part in helping the community grow again.
      What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming?
    I've become quite the aviation enthusiast. I'm a student pilot now trying to get my pilots license, and will likely pursue all of the more difficult ratings afterward as well. I like to travel as well.
      How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming?
    With the true introduction of Crossplay, there's plenty of opportunity for things like tournaments and other events. I've got some experience with those and would love to get involved. I'd also love to help build the Destiny 2 PC community if that's something vVv is interested in, as well as Rocket League since that seems to be growing.
      Do you attend LAN Events? 
    I haven't gone to one yet, but would like to depending on the game and who else is going. I'd be more interested if I knew people there. Its also difficult for me to schedule them around work.
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in New 2020 Consoles Hype!   
    I just saw the branding and size of the new Xbox... not sure how I feel about it lol
    If cross platform really takes off, I'm definitely gonna be skipping Xbox. Its just turning into a small PC without access to steam
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in New 2020 Consoles Hype!   
    Since most Xbox games will probably be cross platform (or at least obtainable on PC), I might just get a PS5. I don't see the point in buying an Xbox when I'm already mainly on PC.
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in Phryme Application   
    Will do! I'll check in with her after the holidays
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Minjaaa in Phryme Application   
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in Phryme Application   
    Will do! I'll check in with her after the holidays
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Exodus in Phryme Application   
    You’re ready for an interview,  get with NerdProblms to set everything up.
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Vall in Phryme Application   
    omggggg ayeeeeeee welcome back    
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv B1zkit in Phryme Application   
    Its be a while my friend. Welcome back
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv Infms805 in Phryme Application   
    Will do, thank you! I'm in discord quite a lot, so hit me up anytime. Y'all might have to help me out when I start MHW... I kinda promised Minjaaa I'd get it xD
    Many thanks!
    I appreciate it
    Ayye I 'm pretty sure I remember you! Thanks for the warm welcome
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in Phryme Application   
    Oh cool yes great no pressure or anything xD
    Thanks Minjaaa!
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Minjaaa in Phryme Application   
    One thousand times yes!!! I'm super excited to have you back. If he's not in I'm out! Lol
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from Ludacrix in Do You Wants Themes For Smite ADL?   
    I think on the content production side of things, it is a great idea. That is on whoever makes the content. But in terms of competitors themselves, most people will simply not care. I personally think its more worth our time to focus on making the event itself better rather than think of themes which may or may not be completely ignored by players.
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to snapdiggitydag in Do You Wants Themes For Smite ADL?   
    Frankly, nobody in our community wants to deal with this.  We're turning blue in the face.  We've asked, we've repeated, and we've polled.  The community doesn't want it yet.  I also think that, as we've spent a LOT more time with our players than you have, you're not as qualified to speak for them.  We are trying, in the nicest way possible, to say no.  Not because we don't want to do it.  Because the community members don't want it.  I don't think I can state this in any clearer terms. 
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to vVv Minjaaa in Toke's Smite Showcase   
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to snapdiggitydag in Do You Wants Themes For Smite ADL?   
    I really don't appreciate this comment.  We have built this community up without help from vVv for over a year.  We have invested a lot more time in this that you're giving us credit for.
    However, that's not the topic of this poll.  The topic of this poll is the experience for the community.  We are actively seeking to "please the customer".  We put a poll on because A) We didn't believe our community members wanted to fool with this.  B ) To allow the community a chance to speak up about their opinion.  We had already asked them once whether or not they wanted it.  The community replied with a resounding No.  This poll is here because, if the word of the officers speaking for the community don't hold enough weight, then maybe the individual community members can take time out of their "busy schedules" to tell you themselves.  
    This is our first season (aka alpha stage).  Right we're focusing on getting off the ground with this ADL.  We don't have the advantage of experienced ADL players.  We want to get through this, and teach the process to our community in as striaght forward of a way as possible.  I refer back to customer experience.  On everyone's first day, it's going to be confusing already.  We don't want to have them trying to decode fast food restaurants for channels and rules.  Our community just wants the competitive experience found in an ADL.  Believe us, we asked them.
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to Cadu2204 in Competitive Teams / LFG   
    @Minjaaa You have some people in mind but you still looking for a team We should be looking for players, just sayin' xD
    Looking for Players
    Team Name: (To be determined)
    Players/Role: Cadu2204/Mid
    Positions Needed: ADC/ Solo/ Jungler/ Support
    Active Times: To be decided with team members so everyone ends with a nice schedule
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from Echelon in Community Spotlight: vVv Echelon wins CoD:AW 1v1 Tournaments at i54!   
    the euGOAT.
    Congrats man!
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to Magicmooch in Community Spotlight: vVv Echelon wins CoD:AW 1v1 Tournaments at i54!   
    Great job man.  You're pretty strong holding up two checks that are 125 pounds each!
    Seriously, congrats buddy.
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    vVv JoeExotic got a reaction from Deviant Void in Application #2   
    Psychologically speaking, this isn't always true. Yes, you can control your emotions to an extent, but many emotions are automatic. You can suppress them, but they still exist.
    Sorry, I just studied this exact subject for the past 3 days... #TeamNoSleep
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    vVv JoeExotic reacted to KillShift in 800 Gem Challenge - 4/6/15 till 4/13/15   
    The 800 Gem Challenge -ENDED!
    CADU2204 - 2155 Points In 1 Week!
    STARTS: Midnight 12am EST on Monday 4/6/15 
    ENDS: Midnight 12am EST on Monday 4/13/15
    OBJECTIVE: To Earn The Most Honor Points In That Time Period, Previous Honor Points Are Not Counted
    GOAL OF CHALLENGE: The goal of this challenge is not to just give away 800 gems but to help organize in game groups and partying. We all know that grouping together gives tons of extra honor points so this is an awesome experience and perfect time to group up and out honor some of your opponents
    REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE: Reply to this thread with just your name! (Great way to get people registered)


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