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  1. Phryme

    Where to start?

    I can attest to this: Learning with the level 30s is the BEST way to learn.
  2. I think on the content production side of things, it is a great idea. That is on whoever makes the content. But in terms of competitors themselves, most people will simply not care. I personally think its more worth our time to focus on making the event itself better rather than think of themes which may or may not be completely ignored by players.
  3. There's a MUCH simpler way to find out pro builds. 1.) Know the name of a pro you want to see 2.) Go to tiermonster.com, go to "Tools", and "Website Tools" 3.) Click "What's their build?" 4.) Type in name, choose god and game mode. (Leagues: Conquest is generally accurate, normal conquest you may find troll builds) 5.) Profit
  4. Why spend an hour on a theme when that hour could be spent making the actual event, or in other words the most important aspect of the event, better? I feel like its simply unnecessary and its sort of silly. Its also clearly more than just staff saying they don't want it, as there's only one "yes" vote so far. It has nothing to do with laziness, it has everything to do with us focusing on the important aspects of the league. If you can't comprehend that I don't know what to say. A fun experience for competitive players is a competitive experience. We want an adrenaline rush when we play. I helped build the CDL for CoD, and we ended up having some insanely close matches: Games went 3-2 with two map 11 SnDs sometimes. (If you don't know, thats literally as close as it can get.) THAT is what we want. THAT is what is fun to us. We don't care about a channel named Burger King or whatever. Its simply not needed.
  5. The ADL is all about competing. This is just a distraction from that IMO.
  6. Im at 41 masteries, spreadsheet has me at 32
  7. Absolutely not. I just want to play, this sounds kinda ridiculous to me.
  8. I like that. Yeah, I missed the all-arena part. He's still super easy to counter in Arena. (Early magis blessing makes him practically useless), but not everyone is smart enough to get it If he ever ults you when magis is on cooldown, just beads out. With magis and beads, I have never been pulled by an ares ult.
  9. He got nerfed pretty hard after SWC. Only pro I've seen play him well is Cyclonespin... and well, thats cyclone doing cyclone things. If you need any more convincing, the only god with a worse win/loss in Leagues Conquest is Nox. (Ao is sitting at 39% win, Nox at 38.99%)
  10. I think he didn't really focus on farming lanes enough. ALWAYS leech xp off lanes. Its the mid's job to do the most work for the smallest reward. A good amount of the time during laning phase, a jungler's rotations will be completely identical and in-sync with the mid-laner. (The support as well) Funny how they have probably the second hardest job in the game Junglers make decisions. its not just about holding the mouse down and pressing "A" and "D".
  11. I don't agree with this. Ares gets 30 Magical Power per aura item, which is definitely nice. Auras should, due to that, be a secondary priority to having items which allow him to be a legitimate front liner. He does NOT play well on team comps which can't shred beads. If you don't have an Isis, a Poseidon, a Tyr, a Serqet, etc... he becomes very hard to play effectively, as his ult doesn't do nearly as much. Although his other abilities are GREAT at countering gods like Bastet, Baka, etc. (Preventing escapes.) He is also probably the hardest counter to Bacchus. My build: Mark of the Vanguard, Shoes of Focus (for cooldown and movement speed), Sovereignty (health and phys prot plus an aura, almost a mandatory item on any tank), Heartward (more health and prots and another aura), Void Stone (damage and prot plus an aura, this is an amazing item for ares), and then witchblade OR mystical mail in that order. If you need to sell mark and finish, pick up whichever you didn't from the 6th option. People who play a lot of arena and assault tend to forget that Ares is a tank, and needs to be built as such. The build I just listed allows the best of both worlds. He will do decent damage. In a 30 minute game, you should be making a case for at least 20k player damage. Use his ult in one of two scenarios: If you're trying to save someone and your team is rotating, if you can pull 3+ people, do it. It will shred their beads, allowing the rest of the team to pick them off. Otherwise, in team fights, allow the rest of your team to shred beads on different players. If you hear calls saying 2+ people used beads, blink and ult. Always get blink on Ares. Always. Its mandatory, period. You should have blink 3 by the 15 minute mark. Also: I've had people complain when I get mark of the vanguard on Ares. Simply put: a good team will do their best to kill an ares in the first 5 minutes. A good jungler will make it their life's mission. The protections are too valuable, and farm isn't the biggest issue with ares considering he should be getting loads of assists in early-mid game. Watchers gift is for passive supports, which Ares is not. Boots or nah: Boots are basically core-build for any support not named Geb or Athena. Geb can roll anywhere on the map within seconds, and Athena can ult to any god for any situation. Especially considering Geb and Sylvanus are so immobile, they NEED boots. Its one less aura... but thats not worth not being able to get places. Sadly he's pretty easily countered by Magi's Blessing, which almost every assassin builds. Its easy to sub it in on mage and guardian/warrior builds as well, so priority targets should always be the other ADC. In lower ELO ranked games not everyone is that smart though. I had a game with ares where I did a ton of damage since every other support got banned out. (Beat an Athena )
  12. Phryme

    New Arena

    I might actually play more arena. This looks amazing.
  13. Not a fan of premades vs. premades. There's a pretty significant skill gap in the community. A couple teams would just dominate. Drafted teams would be awesome, regardless of whether its nightly or somewhat permanent for a league
  14. I personally don't think a scrim manager should be necessary. Teams are more than capable of communicating for scrims. Draft nights would be awesome.
  15. A wise bastet once said.... Rip all users with earphones

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