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  1. Im a big PvE guy so I still play WoW, I heard the raids they were implementing were cool though. Ill hop on sometime today.
  2. I keep checking back to ask but has anyone got to PvE raiding yet? And if so how is it? I might come back if its good.
  3. Warriors are getting nerfed next week so they will blow again lol. I know the official guild is on Kil'Jaeden but idk how active it is. Everyone is welcome to join me on Blackrock
  4. I have my own guild "Phobia" if anyone is on blackrock horde side. Big plans for WoD!
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if they have released any end game PvE Raiding yet? If its good I plan to come back and play when that happens. Let me know, any info on PvE raiding is much appreciated.
  6. Ill be there with twitter.com/foxboxesco representing our company as well as possibly competing.
  7. I played Archeage for a bit but there isnt enough PvE for me Let me know when people start playing and if you guys need people to raid and ill make whats needed
  8. If you guys need raiders let me know, I can build up a toon on Kil'Jaeden if it means I got to raid weekly. I tried to get in touch with Amped about it but he seemed uninterested.
  9. I talked to a dev and they said give it about 2 weeks, the game is really buggy right now and they should have everything figured out by then.
  10. Is this still a thing? I can have a raid tank up and running in 2 weeks.
  11. Get what you have to max level then switch around and play with classes then, you can switch so it isnt too big of a deal. I have a demonologist which I like because its a total glass cannon, I'm making a shadowknight just because I absolutely love that class.
  12. I like this but then I dislike it. I like games with 7-10 servers just because it looks clean, and keeps things populated for the most part. The character transfer option will be cool though. I'm trying too man haha, its the weekend (almost) and I wont sleep until I get some play time in.

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