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  1. JuliaT

    World VS World

    I always go full wvw during tournaments, i have a total of 10 gold to my name though so unless I already have a char speced to requirements I will probably not be much help
  2. I would love to give you my opinion but I am one of the select group of people that still cant log in, my launcher just freezes and no a single suggested fix works even after 18+ hours
  3. From what I tell Rain was not able to make it Wednesday to do the monthly jumping puzzles. So tonight about 8:30 est I will be doing it for anyone interested. ( Sorry if there was a better place to put this).
  4. i have a cooking question, I have a stack of omnomberries...usually I just sell stuff once I get a stack, but is there a recipe that I can cook up that would make it more profitable?
  5. JuliaT

    Our Schedule

    i cant do it on wednesday, but I am willing to take people either thursday or friday if there is interest
  6. JuliaT

    Our Schedule

    unless I misunderstand rain wont be on for the monthly jumping puzzles and I wont be home that night, so unless someone else wants to take over we may have to reschedule that.
  7. If you are looking for help with anything in game I want you to know who the best person to contact is. Please veteran members that are willing to help please post your ingame names here as well as the things you are willing to help with I have alot of ingame names, but my account name is juliatomko.8075 I am willing to help with any dungeon, fractals, exploration, story, jumping puzzles feel free to pm at any time, will also try to answer any other questions or point you in the right direction if it is something I personally dont know.
  8. JuliaT

    Speed clears

    how often are you planning on doing this?
  9. I am not sure I am excited about having 50000 tags on my mini map, everyone ingame is going to be buying them this week trying to beat the update and they are going to be way over used and annoying
  10. because I just cleaned my desk and that is where the mouse ended up
  11. looking never hurts, it is when you start buying everything you see that the problems begin and yes golday is is a very small keyboard.....I have yet to fix that issue....maybe one day
  12. in that case short of my kids causing a major disaster i will be there
  13. it is My husband bought me about every I have a piece at a time. The chair and the desk I got last year.
  14. depending on the date I am in

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