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  1. yea for sure will do man
  2. The vVvness i like it and will try havent used my twitter in a while to lol
  3. participate in ADL's again type in the shoutbox a lot more.
  4. before i was busy with exams,SATs, driving test i was very active on the shoutbox and Cod ADL's
  5. well right now tbh i can't add value so for me i wouldn't like to join right now because i wouldnt wanna feel useless but in a month or so i will be having a job and will be adding value by encouraging friends to check vVv out and donating, helping out
  6. if i was a full time youtuber i would try to get everyone in on joining vVv and would be more helpful donating to the site if i make money off it. Respect is more like a person thing as i said i envisioned myself as a youtuber or pro for a long time and everyone is always denying it and letting me feel like i cant accomplish what i always wanted to do.
  7. the respect is mostly towards my friends. They said i will never make it and many more. Going Pro yes or becoming a youtuber/entertainer is what i left out
  8. What has been keeping you from the site? School and the fact that im turning 18 in a month so i need to get a job Why do you want to be in vVv? I have been a fan of this org since the beginning of BO2 and was impressed by it so i want to be in an org that impresses me and has welcoming staff members along with it. Ever since i was 13 i wanted to become a Pro at Cod and i know i have what it takes and the respect it takes it be one. What to you hope to gain or do during your time here? I hope to gain respect which i already get here, but idk what else i hoping to gain other than being a Cod competitive player and playing with the pros. To be Honest i know i have the skill and i certainly know how to work as a team. To do idk never really had this big of an responsibility, But i can say is i will try do to what i'm supposed to do Have you enjoyed your time here so far? My time here so far was/is splended got to meet new people and cant wait till i meet the staff in person or if i do, but yea everyone is cool enough to joke around with and its fun knowing i'm ontop on adl's lol just playing
  9. this summer been vacating and going to colleges to scout the area on which colleges i like. alright i gotchu lol i'm back now a little rusty at cod though haha all right will now
  10. thanks and sorry for making it more complicated lol
  11. by tomorrow probably. How much longer will ADL be going on cause I haven't showed up in a while of course because of school
  12. just finished school this Friday and almost forgot my account password lol but exams were easier than I thought
  13. i haven't really been active the past few days because of exams and driving test, but before i was. After these exams i will be getting back to normal DO i have you added on Xbox? After all these exams and everything i will be able to play, but for now i have been playing for about 1 hour of cod a day till school ends
  14. idk tbh I love competing and creating videos, but The video thing isn't happening till I work and Competing at Lans to. Getting a job this summer, but idk hard question never been in a org as big or bigger than vVv I mean I am still an app lol. My biggest goal right now is to compete and YouTube, I would love to be in this org, but I can't even contribute to myself so I am fine as of right now being and APP and talking, interacting with everyone to try to make vVv the best Org. sorry for the Banter I didn't know how to shorten it
  15. I came in late, but I still found it interesting I liked how we got to ask a pro a question and like the topics on how vVv is going to Work in the future. That's all I was there for sorry I couldn't make it earlier

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