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  1. How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

  2. Hello vVv! I am currently at a time in my life where I am simply unable to contribute to vVv as much as I would like. With saying that, I believe it is time to turn in my V's as I take a step back and really figure out what is next for me. You all have given me a wonderful community, and I feel blessed to have met so many amazing people who share a true passion for gaming. The past year has helped me improve my abilties as a player, given me an inside look into what e-sports is really about, and gave me a group of friends to share my first PAX adventure with. By no means do I plan on vanishing, and I will still be checking in to mumble to catch up and play league and GW2! After things have settled down, my hope is that I am able to come back and really contribute great content to vVv as it makes its way back to the top. Best wishes to you all, and see you again soon! - Blake
  3. So as a newer Smite player, I'm interested if there are any ways we could possibly introduce new players to veterans in the community. Is it possible to do a full 10-man inhouse? Doing 5s with high ranked vets can make it difficult to learn the game.
  4. Hi all! I will be out of town starting either tomorrow or Friday and will be back early next week. I am heading back to my college campus for my first class reunion, and will be staying to celebrate my 23rd birthday with friends. See you all again soon!
  5. I second the pink skins! But yea, I don't have much interest spending RP on these. Definitely interested in the idea of associating them with mastery, or possibly split the rewards between mastery and pure IP.
  6. Heck, I think it should be harsher just after the second or third offense. Everything up until the fourth is basically a slap on the wrist.
  7. I have loved Bard since release, but I do agree something needs to be done. Sadly, I'm not sure if the upcoming buffs from PBE will help much. The problem seems to be in the kit itself. Every skill, including a well-placed R, seems perfect for a team that is ahead and wants a strong and strategic initiation; whether it's giving massive speed boosts through item actives and W, using journey a mile away to flank the enemy, or be annoying as hell with the late game Q spam + meep passive. When it comes to helping his team get ahead however, his kit doesn't seem to help...at all. The most obvious problem is his passive forcing him to roam, meaning either the ADC is left alone for a large portion of laning phase, or miss out on chimes, extending the time it takes to hit his power spikes (25, 45, and 85 chimes). If you choose to even gank lanes while roaming, you only have a slow-moving skillshot that is not guaranteed to stun, and a 25% slow with meeps, not to mention you do little to no damage. I believe W suffers from too long of a charge time before reaching its full amount, while also healing very little for such a high mana cost early game. Once reaching late game, the AP ratios are so low, it becomes nothing more than a speed up, as the heal is nearly non-existent. E has playmaking potential, but early on it's either used to troll the other team or just place yourself in a deathtrap. Based on how I have been playing Bard and seen some (but not all) success, I would suggest three things: 1. Buff missile speed of Q at early levels to help give him some presence in lane ganks. Not by much, 60% slow is already strong, but it can be hard to land when mixed with it's current range. 2. Let W scale off of Bard's max HP. So far AP seems near useless on him, and tanky, movement speed builds seem to synergize really well. 3. Lower the Meep slow passive requirement by about 5 chimes. Unless the game is going on for a very long time, 85 chimes may not even be reached. Bard has to dedicate far too much time to collecting chimes when he should be either helping adc, ganking lanes, or being a part of teamfights.
  8. Wondering if vVv plans to expand the mmo community soon. Would love to be in a competitive raid group.

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    2. Crazyviva
    3. jiggy


      I hope so I really enjoyed Neverwinter and Diablo and even played some Tera

    4. Blazek


      i'm always interested in mmo's with vVv; although finding a common game to get behind always seems to be difficult. But you can count me in if we decide on anything!

  9. I believe Phreak had a very in-depth video about this, or it was at least taken from his stream. I will look around to see if I can find it.
  10. Hey everyone! Sorry for the delayed post, I've been busy with plane tickets and whatnot for PAX East (yay!), but I am here now! Anyway, welcome to week 3 of the ADL update! Listed below are the dates of the previous weeks ADL nights, and the broadcasted games associated with them. Under each game, the names and champions of all participants are given, followed by six champions banned amongst both teams. As before, players are organized in their listing based on their roles: top, mid, jungle, ADC/marksman, support. Finally is Grit's Pick MVP, one players I choose after each match that I felt made the biggest impact on the game. This choice has no effect on standings, it's simply to highlight each player that performed exceptionally well in their match. This week is a little heavy on one-sided matches, but overall it was very entertaining, and Doctor is finally back as caster! As always, please leave feedback! Any suggestions you may have will be taken seriously to help improve future updates! Thanks and enjoy! January 30 Twitch Broadcast Game 1: Charlie - Win Bravo - Loss YaboiiKD - Malphite RekojSpawn - Olaf OwngeKing - Vladimir vVv Sun Down - Sivir vVv JayC - Jarvan IV Death and Tax - Vi AznEastside - Tristana Arc Tech - Corki vVv Ahryse - Janna Eww Warts - Sona Bans: Viktor, Azir, Singed, Irelia, Udyr, Elise Grits’ Pick MVP – vVv JayC - vVv JayC brought out jungle Jarvan once again with great success, granting non-stop pressure to all lanes from beginning to end. His choice in tank items, including a fairly early thornmail, made him too overwhelming for team Bravo, who chose a team of four heavy AD champions. With YaboiiKD doing just as well in the top lane as Malphite, late game team fights became as easy as Cataclysm, Unstoppable Force, done. JayC would go on to end the game 11/0/10. Game 2: Delta - Win Echo - Loss Cauvie - Teemo TheKappaNextDoor - Olaf vVv ShySlushy - Anivia rjsw - Xerath vVv TruFlare - Nidalee vVv Buzz - Udyr FATawanFanch - Sivir Supper - Graves Jdklsdif - Thresh Adam D Smith - Janna Bans: Renekton, Blitzcrank, Ahri, Lee Sin, Morgana, Irelia Grits’ Pick MVP – vVv TruFlare - Wow, jungle Nidalee op. TruFlare did a great job as jungle Nidalee this match, as his purpose quickly became, see enemy champion, kill enemy champion almost instantly. He made sure to put Nidalee’s high mobility to good use, creating constant lane pressure, and counter jungling without Udyr ever realizing he was there. By late game, only Olaf stood a chance at killing TruFlare, but his skillful use of pounces to engage and disengage as needed left him with a score at 18/1/10. February 3 Twitch Broadcast Game 1: Charlie - Win Golf - Loss Bigby Wolf - Jarvan IV vVv Saturn - Lissandra vVv RisingDawn - Veigar DrEastwood - Ahri NightmaricScythe - Vi MasterConfessor - Hecarim Ethesdor - Graves Supper - Caitlyn Adam D Smith - Leona Chuba - Janna Bans: Zed, Morgana, Thresh, Annie, Ziggs, Irelia Grits’ Pick MVP – vVv RisingDawn - Veigar always has one goal in every game, delete someone. vVv RisingDawn stands out because he took that one goal and fulfilled it in the most efficient way he could. Possibly one of Veigar’s biggest downfalls is his small hp pool mixed with low mobility, which can easily result in feeding the other team, or having to trade your one kill for yourself. During this match however, RisingDawn decided on smart follow-ups to teammates engages, still deleting a person (sometimes two) from the fight almost instantly, while being able to retreat before anyone could focus him for shutdown gold. This turned every teamfight into a 5v4 situation, making it easy for Graves to clean up behind his frontline. Ultimately, vVv RisingDawn would end the game 11/4/8 and 226 cs. Game 2: Echo - Win Foxtrot - Loss Diglett - Jax Thryale - Taric Connee1 - Lissandra Omicron - Anivia vVv Kanark - Shaco Enlace - Lee Sin Frank Fang - Sivir Gouldigger - Graves vVv JayC - Thresh Onegarion - Leona Bans: Vladimir, Jarvan IV, Fizz, Kalista, Janna, Irelia Grits’ Pick MVP – Frank Fang - I thought all of team Echo played really well this match, but in the end it seemed that Sivir managed to be strong throughout every part of the match. Boomerang blades hit their mark often, ultimate was used at the right moments, and death count was low. By the 21 minute surrender, Frank Fang managed a KDA of 5/1/4 with 202 cs, granting him nearly 10k gold in a very short game. February 6 Twitch Broadcast Game 1: Echo - Loss Foxtrot - Win TheLittestTrol - Malphite Omegachaos57 - Rumble StolenSafety - Xerath Kodarius - Yasuo Kotazu - Nidalee Poup - Vi GoingAsheToMalph - Jinx Simi Fwa Fwa - Sivir The Derse Dreame - Taric Roflimasian - Janna Bans: Kennen, Ahri, Kalista, Sion, Jarvan IV, Azir Grits’ Pick MVP – Kodarius - The first broadcasted Yasuo of the season turned out to be absolutely terrifying. Kodarius started roaming early on to give him several kills and a quick statik shiv. With Rofl’s Janna behind him, there was no way to stop him from snowballing, as shields and monsoons were placed perfectly to net more and more kills with every engage. Team Echo’s carries had nowhere near enough time to catch back up, as Yasuo was able to nearly one-shot them between well-timed ultimates and low cooldown Q’s. By the quick surrender at twenty minutes, Kodarius was sitting at an incredible 13/0/3. Game 2: Alpha - Win Charlie - Loss Brandley - Malphite YaboiiKD - Kassadin OLlama - Anivia AznEastside - Zed Urabus - Pantheon vVv JayC - Rek'Sai Gouldigger - Caitlyn Asobi - Ezreal SS Shaland - Thresh Thryale - Janna Bans: Nidalee, Jarvan IV, Kalista, Irelia, Lissandra, Vi Grits’ Pick MVP – SS Shaland - Again, another team that played really well together, but it was their Thresh that really stood out after all is said and done. The hooks were great. We saw initiates off begin from them, flashes were burnt trying to avoid them, and most importantly, Caitlyn was very fed from them. Shaland kept his team in the lead just by landing hooks, as he knew the follow-up potential was there, and it worked perfectly. He would end the game 1/1/26 and 11.1k gold. ADL MMR Spreadsheet Current Top 10 As of 2/12/15 1. A_Bronze2_Kappa - 2619 2. Ifailsmite - 2619 3. psilly - 2600 4. WasItSafe - 2600 5. AnniePro - 2600 6. Slenderman - 2600 7. TeeJay6 - 2600 8. azro - 2590 9. Raiva - 2570 10. FlamingHeart - 2554 Not much has changed from last weeks top 10 standings, however I believe most will soon suffer from an MMR decay, which will cause a large rebalance and several new names will begin popping up. One notable change however is Raiva jumping in to number 9 this week, bypassing both elakie and FlamingHeart. This most likely means he will set the new standard for first place at 2570 after decay begins. Good luck to everyone in the coming week, and see you all again soon!
  11. Eh, I don't know yet honestly. I need to see how it's going to work in game before deciding if i like this idea or not. I always thought the timer on the bombs gave chance for enough counter-play, but hey, if they feel like it needs to be a skill shot then...worth a try I guess?
  12. Think teemo passive but instantaneous. No 3 seconds of standing still. Like turning a corner of the jungle and quickly find a little corner of trees to blend in to.
  13. A champion with a camo ability, allowing it to mimic an environment around it. So difficult to do, but think of the possibilities, becoming a tree that may be hard to notice if its always been there, a slightly different shade of blue in the river that turns out to be a champion waiting to strike from the depths. It could get pretty hectic, but easily countered by a trained eye.

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